Economics for Dummies: The fuck of the Irish

A real Irishman explains in the simplest (and bluest!) terms what happened to his country’s financial system. Basically, it’s the Second Great Irish Potato Famine, only it’s the “wankin’ bankers” who stole the potatoes, and not the blight.

Also, we learn that Michael Flatley is from Chicago.

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3 Responses to Economics for Dummies: The fuck of the Irish

  1. Anne Peterson says:

    According to Dr. Guy Standing in his book Work After Globalization. globalization itself has given rise to a new class of citizen called the ‘precariat’ which is made up of millions upon millions of part time, contract and temporary workers and millions and millions of working poor. All these people have jobs that are insecure, limited access to housing (think mortage crash in US). They juggle jobs and child care in a frantic effort to keep up. At the same time others make huge, enormous fortunes. Public services shrink as the rich siphone off more money (think cutbacks in Ireland and Britain to pay for bank bailouts). He has some ideas about how to restructure. One thing for sure is not to rely on the neo conservative mob.

  2. “Precariat”–I like that term. Very appropriate! The problem now is almost identical to what brought about the stockmarket crash of the 1920s…too much reliance on inflated stock prices and a complete divorce between the markets and the real economy. The horrible thing is that real lives are being ruined by transactions in the ether of the markets.
    And I couldn’t agree more about not relying on the neo-cons. Those people lie like they breathe: automatically, routinely, unthinkingly. High time the world divorced itself from them.

  3. James Hardwick says:

    It makes me proud to have Celtic (Welsh) blood in me veins.

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