Oh gag me, part troisième

Well, well, well. What have we here? Another photo from Carlos Andrés Pérez’s funeral?


This pic was tweeted by Carlchucho. He writes: “For those who say a democrat died: At the funeral of CAP, Daniel Romero, Carmona’s attorney general.” Daniel Romero is the man circled in red.

Here’s another shot tweeted by Carlchucho, from a different angle:


Note the expression on Romero’s face. It matches the one in the inset, where Romero, morose at having been taken prisoner by Miraflores palace guards, squats miserably in the basement, glowering as he and a roomful of other prisoners are read their rights. It’s taken from a scene in The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. Here he is in his “finest” hour, abolishing ALL the democratic institutions of Venezuela during the two-day putsch-dictatorship of Pedro Carmona, alias Pedro the Brief, on April 11, 2002:

The video’s mostly in Spanish, but the key part, where Carmona illegally swears himself in as president and Romero demolishes all semblance of Venezuelan democracy, is helpfully subtitled in English.

It’s fitting that he should be a pallbearer at CAP’s mafiosic funeral, since CAP himself called more than once for Hugo Chávez to be executed “like a dog”. And since CAP himself also ordered a massacre of his own people–which led directly to Chavecito’s military uprising against him three years after the Caracazo. One dearly departed democrat indeed!

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5 Responses to Oh gag me, part troisième

  1. So…I assume that the mistress won out and the funeral was held in Miami, then??
    Gotta love fascists who want to impose their morality on others…but not on themselves.
    I really hope that he and Luis Posada Carilles hook up in Hell…right before Satan uses his head for dunking lessons. And his balls for marbles.

  2. Well, they held a funeral service for him in Miami, but the burial’s been suspended until a judge decides whether he can legally be buried there or has to be shipped back to Venezuela. Apparently the law sides with the legal spouse, which would be Blanca Rodríguez, not Cecilia Matos. Even though they’ve lived apart for more than 10 years, neglecting to get a proper divorce was mighty stupid of old CAP. At least he doesn’t have to live with the consequences of that, any more than he has to answer–in this life, anyway–for the deaths of the Caracazo.

  3. Cort Greene says:

    The family found out late yesterday they will now be able to bury the body in Venezuela after Ms.Matos relented, the ill gotten money there will sure to be a fight.

  4. Jim Hadstate says:

    You know, ‘Bina, I never realized what a similarity a group of rabbiblancos gathered together, whether at a cocktail party or a funeral, has to a Francis Ford Coppola film. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. That’s OK, Goodfellas, keep dreaming and someday you might get your little empires back…(with apologies to Wayne’s World) when donkeys fly out of my ass.

  5. LOL! The first thing that came to my mind, when I saw those pallbearers (particularly the one in front, on the left) was The Godfather. They have the same dress sense, the same faces, the same attitudes, the same everything, as a bunch of mafiosi. Which stands to reason, since a mafia is exactly what they are.

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