Orlando Urdaneta, STFU–and Jaime Bayly, too!

This is what passes for TV journalism in Miami:

Putschist wankers making excuses for Globovisíon TV station owner Guillermo Zuloaga, a putschist crook who profiteered from the Toyota cars he was hiding on his own property, withholding them illegally from sale in order to artificially raise demand and jack up the price. Zuloaga, unfortunately for Toyota, is their licenced importer to Venezuela, as well as the owner of a couple of Toyota dealerships, which he uses to resell the same vehicles back and forth–again, to jack up the price. The bust was major news last year, with TV cameras rolling as the federal police moved in and seized the hoarded vehicles–dozens of them–as evidence. Zuloaga was nowhere in sight, having fled the country. And apparently the State Dept. just loves this old crook, since they keep expressing “concern” for him everytime a new crime of Zuloaga’s comes to light–which happens with nauseating regularity. Isn’t it touching that they’re so concerned about the well-being of a professional swindler and coupmonger?

And oh yeah, they’re also claiming Chávez is a “populist dictator”, when in fact he’s democratically elected. And advocating “soft coups” against Chávez, à la Gene Sharp. They know they can’t get him out of power any other way. Certainly not any LEGITIMATE way…

This is what a bunch of pathetic losers do to pollute the TV airwaves when they don’t know how to run an honest candidate or win an election fairly. Putsch after putsch after putsch, called for quite openly by a foreigner (Jaime Bayly is Peruvian, not Venezuelan!), under the pretext of a TV talk show with an actor as guest. Ignorant political theorizing with zero basis in reality. Overt brainwashing of an audience made gullible by daily overdoses of terror and sensationalism. And vile insults against a very popular leader.

And if you support the Venezuelan opposition, this is the crap you’re supporting. You great democrat, you.

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