Short ‘n’ Stubby: Ms. Manx goes all Wiki on us


Ms. Manx has been watching the whole Wikileaks kerfuffle unfolding with some interest. She would like you to know that she finds this round a LOT more interesting than the bogus “Magic Laptop” incident of two years ago, when it looked like Wikileaks was being made an instrument, however inadvertently, of the State Dept. and its pals in the Colombian army. It seems in retrospect like a pre-emptive strike of sorts…something designed to discredit Wikileaks as a messenger by alienating leftists who might otherwise see it as a valuable tool for exposing government and corporate bullshit, corruption and other ugly things that we’re not supposed to see.

But the Stumpy Cat DOES see, and she wouldn’t be surprised if something were to come out on Wikileaks showing the Magic Laptop Incident in its true colors. She thinks it mighty significant that the Magic Laptop allegedly survived a missile attack on a FARC camp in the jungles of Ecuador, and wonders why, if it’s possible for a scroungy Colombian guerrilla to get his hands on one, the president of the United States doesn’t own a bomb-proof ‘pute himself. Meanwhile, here are some interesting kitty-nomnoms she’s found:

The woman who accused Julian Assange of sexual assault has, shall we say, a rather spotty past. Spottier than Ms. Manx’s coat, and that’s pretty damn spotty! Did you know she was kicked out of Cuba for working with a local CIA front group? Obviously, her “left-wing feminist” cover is now blown. Ms. Manx wonders if she plans on withdrawing those minor-league sex charges anytime soon. Maybe Julian Assange could send a wire transfer for that $715 US that is the real penalty for condomless sex in Sweden.

But of course, rather than taking the easy way out, Julian Assange plans to fight it. Obviously not in Sweden, though. And given that the US embassy in Stockholm announced that that country is no longer neutral, gee, what a shocker!

Meanwhile, Ms. Manx has learned something truly shocking: Even though cute widdle emo-kid Justin Bieber and his cute widdle emo-kid hair are supposedly a forever-trending topic on Twitter, the truth is that they only get a fraction of the tweetage that Wikileaks does. Yet the #Wikileaks hashtag doesn’t show up anywhere in the top trends alongside all the saccharine trash that’s supposedly trending worldwide. Neither does the also-popular #cablegate. Is someone gaming the tweeter? A tweepish friend snarks that for a little extra, you can lose the “promoted” label that usually runs alongside paid “trending” tweetage. Maybe, says the Stumpy Cat as she pensively scratches her ears, that’s not such a joke.

JimBobby has a work-around that may still be working by the time this note goes to air; give it a try. And if it’s not, here’s a whole slew of mirrors*, which is growing apace. There are lessons to be learned from all this, sayeth the Manx.

And for serious analysis of the “what it all means” of it all, Eric Margolis is your go-to guy.

* Addendum: Prog-blogging buddy Rick has a mirror site up as well, here.

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