Unforgettable footage of a shuttle launch

Different views from over 100 cameras tracking the launch of the space shuttle Discovery. The commentary explains exactly what’s going on; the detail of the footage is incredible. Beautiful lighting, courtesy of a flawless early-evening spring sky, makes the whole thing breathtaking.

In a nutshell, THIS is why publicly funded science programs are the coolest things on this planet. I dare all you anti-science wingnuts out there to call THIS a waste of tax dollars.

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4 Responses to Unforgettable footage of a shuttle launch

  1. Jymn says:

    Just amazing, gorgeous and awe inspiring. Long live the space program.

  2. Jim Hadstate says:

    Breathtaking! Just breathtaking! The entire film was so gripping that I lost track of time! Thank you, ‘Bina.

  3. Slave Revolt says:

    I’d spend the resources healing the ecological damage or for other worthy causes. I live close to these polluting launches, watching the sunrise is much more awesome.
    But Moloch has to be appeased.
    If only they would send the pig-fuckers into outer space–I could find something redeeming about this arrogant display of monkey magic.
    But, alas, I am figured as a crank for my opposition to the shuttle project around these parts. Likewise with SeaWorld and Disney–I frequently try to steer tourists away from these consumerist “attractions”–and towards more beautiful and authentic experiences.
    (the shuttle really does terrify the animals in the area. The noise, light and chemical pollution is no joke.)

  4. Slave Revolt says:

    Aside from my points above, especially the ecological havoc that is wrought by the shuttle project, the entire effort is a symbol of imperialist patriarchy qua tourist attraction. The benefit to the herd masters is to bedazzle the sheeple–as the humongous, firey phallus roars into space.
    Dreams of looting wealth from virgin planets, penal colonies to rid the empire of trouble makers, the possibility of new colonies where the elect can flee once the planet becomes more dangerous and less habitable, ect.
    You get the picture. Big burning penis projectiles have never inspired me much.
    Hate to rain on your rare praise of one of the larger symbols so cherished by the empire and it’s admirers, lol. Slave just tells it how he sees it. The shuttle launches and sonic booms fuck with the lives of the animals. I have seen it whilst trudging through swamps.
    If we could exile imperialist war-criminals to Mars my tune might change– but they would want food and oxygen when they get there. Eff that.

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