Wankers of the Week: The geese are getting fat


“Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat; please put a penny in the old man’s hat.” Unless of course he looks like the one in the ‘toon…in which case, you may want to spare the penny, chop off his head and roast him instead.

Just one week to go until Xmas. Then it’s on to another tryptophan binge for me. Whoopee! But do you know what’s even fatter than the turkeys and geese? The wankitude. It’s so fucking huge, you can’t miss it. And here’s who’s got it oozing out their greasy pores this week:

1. John Fucking Boehner. It’s not a question of whether men can cry, or whether it’s okay for them to do so. It’s a question of whether men can manipulate others with their tears and whether it is okay for them to do so. Clearly the answer is yes with Lesley Fucking Stahl, but I just wanna slap the selfish, self-pitying fucker straight into next week. Just imagine what the media would say if a progressive woman in politics did what he constantly, shamelessly does! His tears have nothing to do with anyone other than himself. And if he can’t get hold of himself, he has no business being in charge of a pop stand, never mind the US house of reps.

2. Christopher Fucking Hitchens. Henry Fucking Kissinger is an easy target to take bitch-slaps at–especially if, like Hitch, you are actually his ideological offspring, desperately seeking to deflect responsibility for your own utter wrongness on a lot of rather important global issues. Neo-cons (and Hitch IS one, make no mistake) owe much to this old warmonger. Hitch, in fact, owes his entire loathsome career as a professional toady-cum-character-assassin to him, since he couldn’t have kept himself in gin without taking lessons (and payola) from the ratfuckers who are the fruit of ol’ Henry’s toxic loins. Shouldn’t he be bowing and scraping to him, instead? PS: Jymn has some additional good points about Hitch’s breathtaking silence on the subject of Richard Fucking Nixon. Why does Nixon get a free pass for antisemitism while his Jewish lackey gets all the bile? Better watch your glass house, there, Hitch, we can see YOUR antisemitism right through it.

3. Lawrence Fucking Cannon. Between this irony-impaired wanker and the Paliness, Haiti seems destined to stagger under the slings and arrows of outrage forever. Not natural disasters, but human asininity, will end up bringing that poor country to its knees. Larry, instead of wasting your breath lecturing Haitians on democracy, why not look in the mirror and admit that our own is not exactly the best example? Oh, I get it…leading by example is not your forte. Carrot-and-stick bullying is. Explains a lot!

4. and 5. Ben Fucking Brown and Richard Fucking Littlejohn. Blaming a wheelchair-bound man with cerebral palsy for the brutality of cops specifically trained and ordered to smash heads during protests? That may draw eyes to your TV respective channel and newspaper, but it’s also a terrific way to get yourselves regarded as nothing but idiotic, opportunistic dickheads. Pick on someone who can fight back, you cowardly fucking bullies.


6. Wesley Fucking Scroggins. Who would say that a book about teenage date rape (with explicit descriptions of the crime) is “soft pornography”? A filthy, slimy pervert who secretly masturbates to just such awfulness, that’s who. I am sure that this one’s bid to have the book banned is just a way of adding to the illicit frisson he already gets out of it. And I shudder to think what his idea of HARD pornography is, if adolescent rape is “soft”.

7. Dean Fucking Del Mastro. To stop him is to stop Harpo. Canadian readers, please sign the petition.

8. Sepp Fucking Blatter. Why did FIFA decide to hold the next World Cup in Doha, Qatar? Can anyone explain? Last time I looked, prohibitions on alcohol and Teh Ghey are NOT examples of a world with “no boundaries”.

9. Les Fucking Kinsolving. Maybe, if you didn’t keep whining “Where’s the birth certificate?”, you wouldn’t be whining “Where’s my White House Christmas party invite?” now, you fucking racist tool.

10. Ann Fucking Coulter. Oh yay, I was wondering when this irrelevant vampire would rise from her dusty coffin again. The Moon must have been in eclipse, because she’s crapped out yet another classic Coultergeist attack on free speech. She even finds a way to work her chronic, corrosive racism into the pile-on against Wikileaks. And, by damn, it’s a labyrinthine screed–can you make sense of it? I can’t. See? Vintage Coultergeist! Way to go, Ann, I didn’t think you had it in you anymore. Guess you found another virgin to drain of blood, so you did get an energy boost after all. Now, where’d I put my sharpened stake…? Oh yeah, here it is: YOU’RE NOT A FUCKING JOURNALIST YOURSELF, ANN! YOU ARE NOTHING BUT AN UNDEAD HACK WHO NEVER HAD AN INFORMED OPINION IN HER GODFORSAKEN LIFE. AND WE KNOW ALL ABOUT YOUR BULK-BOUGHT “BESTSELLERS”. (There, that oughta do it…)


11. Rush Fucking Limbaugh. Wonder why this feminist isn’t joining the self-righteous stampede to vilify Julian Assange…or Michael Moore? It’s a no-brainer: If the Pigman is doing it, you as a self-respecting progressive should NOT. This is the same asshat who refers to us as “feminazis” on a regular basis, after all. And his pretending to be a friend of rape victims is the ultimate in male-chauvinist cynicism. For all we know, Rush the Pigman could be a serial rapist himself. He certainly talks like one.

12. John Fucking Ivison. Lord knows I’m no fan of Iggy the Boyar, mainly because there’s not much separation between him and Harpo on a lot of issues–but could you please leave women’s shapely curves out of your diatribes, con-tard boys? Or would that just make it too politically correct…or just plain not interesting to read (as if it were interesting even WITH the sexism)?

13. The Fucking Union Bank of Switzerland. Anal-retentive much?

14. Charles Fucking McVety. A band of mariachi cockroaches is playing the world’s smallest instruments for your pity party, Sir Homophobe. If you want to know what the heavy hand of censorship really feels like, try being gay in a world run by fundie preacher-men.


15. Bill Fucking Sammon. FUX Snoozers told to distort the news? Color me so shocked. Surely this has nothing to do with the rash of stories this week on professional “libertarian” trolls being sent to dumb down the Internets, and how FUX Snooze makes you, well, Teh Stoopid. Surely just a malign coinkydink!

16. Terrence Fucking Lakin. How to be a wanker, in 3 easy steps: Be a Birther, in the US Army; refuse a direct order to deploy overseas. Invite your own court-martial to force the issue of a fucking birth certificate into the public eye. Then, when tried and found guilty of dereliction of duty, whine that you should still be allowed to serve, and that being a Birther is no impediment, even though it’s supposedly the reason you refused a direct order to ship out when the army needs doctors to look after the war casualties. Yes, really–this guy tried all that. Yes, it IS nuts. Isn’t mental stability still a requirement for the job?

17. Julia Fucking Gillard. If Wikileaks didn’t break any laws, then why did the Australian government join the pile-on against Julian Assange? Oh, I see…someone is still the empire’s prison bitch. And her party is now suffering in the polls for it.

18. Conrad Fucking Black. Oh, look who lost his appeal but isn’t giving up! Making a federal case of it, and hoping the conservatard-packed SCOTUS will free him. Must be nice to have all those unearned (read: swindled) millions to be able to do it. But by the time they get around to it, Lord Ha-Ha’s prison term could be just about up. Wouldn’t that be a hoot? Meanwhile, millions of Yanks are still languishing for far lesser offences; they aren’t white OR rich, so they’re stuck. Do you think he could help THEM out? Nah. Too busy pitying his arrogant, asinine self.

19. and 20. Anibal Fucking Cavaco Silva and Trinidad Fucking Jiménez. Yeah, Chavecito is “crazy”…so crazy that he managed to prevent Venezuela getting swept up in the global economic crisis that’s now eating Portugal and Spain (the respective homelands of these two undiplomatic wankers) alive. Don’t you wish your leaders were hot like him?


21. The Fucking Ontario Minor Hockey Association. They must think racism is okay. Why else would they penalize a coach who wouldn’t stand for it, and protested peacefully, when one of his players was called a nigger? What a fucking disgrace the OMHA is.

22. Mel Fucking Gibson. Calling Winona Ryder, who is Jewish, an “oven dodger”? Looks like his more recent antisemitic outbursts have a long history. Looks like those who still defend him as “basically good” now have a lot more ‘splainin’ to do. I wonder why Winona took so long to talk about it. Fear? Incomprehension? Reluctance to offend the Hollywood power machine? All distinct possibilities. Anyhow: Good on you, Winona, for speaking out–and fuck you once more, Mad Mel, you crazed evil fascist swinebag.

23. Dick Fucking Cheney. The Big Dick is back, and has bought his way out of prosecution to the tune of a $250 million (US) slap on the wrist. No doubt it’s chickenfeed compared to what Halliburton pocketed in the wake of Gulf War II.

24. Sarah Fucking Palin. Have I mentioned her yet? No? Well, consider this it, then. She’d “never shoot an animal for fur or fashion”, but she WOULD shoot one for show and cruelty. And of course, there’s that bearskin rug behind her. Given that she’s actually a lousy shot, I’m sure she’s not the one who bagged it. The layers of hypocrisy and stupidity on this bimbo are infinite. PS: I doubt very much that she ate that caribou, either. PPS: Ow! Sucks to be you, Sarah!


25. Brent Fucking Bozell. If you’re gonna slag the so-called “liberal” media for supposedly “taking the Christ out of Christmas”, maybe you should give some equal time to FUX Snooze, which does the exact same thing. You know, to be Fair and Balanced™? Oh wait, you’re ON there. Of course you’re not going to bite the hand that feeds your miserable, wretched excuse for a media watchdog centre. And of course you’re going to go on banking on the fact that FUX Snooze viewers are the dumbest heaps of dogshit in the land, so that’s why they won’t question why it’s just as absent from THEIR channel of choice as it is from all the others!

26. All the fucking banksters attacking Wikileaks. Surely not because someone there has access to all their dirty little secrets? Stay classy, banksters.

27. Rob Fucking Ford. Being sued for libel when you really DID libel someone is not a SLAPP suit. But thanks for showing, yet again, that your chutzpah knows no bounds.


28. The entire fucking Harpocracy squatting in Ottawa. Bad enough that our spooks are incompetent torture lovers who lick Yankee boots like they’re made of ice cream. Do they really deserve a Taj Mahal sports complex for THAT? Oh, I see what you did there. This is part of that manly-man
ification of our wimpy widdle nation, is it? A waste of tax dollars we shouldn’t be paying to the likes of you, is what it is.

29. Tim Fucking Hudak (and his fucking Ontario SupposiTories). Soft on guns and softer on crime, that’s Tim the Recycled Harrisite.

30. The Fucking Grauniad. Way to go, idiots, you totally fell for the State Dept.’s crapaganda. Not only was Michael Moore’s movie, Sicko, NOT banned in Cuba, it was widely shown in local theatres AND on Cuban TV months before the CIA’s man in Havana squatted down and just made shit up–as is usual for the CIA’s man in just about any foreign “station” you care to name. In fact, the Cuban health system works just as depicted in the documentary, and is the island’s pride–along with its stellar educational system, which enables it to graduate medical doctors not only from Cuba, but all over the Americas. That’s why the Cuban government lost no time disseminating the film as widely as it could; it was a potent reminder to Cubans not to trust what the US government says about them. It was also rightly popular with the Cuban people, who certainly do not consider the hospital seen in the movie to be “mythical”, or even the exception to the rule. As Moore himself points out, the last time the State Dept. was this reliant on utter bullshit, Team America World Police was getting its counterrevolutionary ass kicked all over the Bay of Pigs. Would it hurt the Grauniad to make a phone call or two to Havana? Are they so strapped for cash that they’ve fired all their fact-checkers? They have Lexis/Nexis at their disposal; would it kill them to actually sit down and USE it? Would it hurt them to print a real retraction of their blatant nonsense, either? Because that snotty little appendage they tacked to the bottom of their embarrassingly dumb hit-piece isn’t cutting it.


And finally, to Kate Fucking McMillan.* It only took her five years to finally discover that I existed, and to send her flying monkeys out to “scratch” me. And what did I get? BORED. Aren’t there supposed to be more clowns inside those silly little cars? Guess the recession is hitting the wingnuts hard, too. They can only afford a broken-down third-hand Harley with a rickety sidecar these days. Poor things.

I was very gentle with the ass-kicking, all things considered, but they haven’t been back to challenge me on a single point of my refutation; that’s how butthurt these ‘winger winos get when confronted with real facts. But then, what do you expect of flying monkeys who operate on behalf of the Wingnut Wench of the West? When Dorothy (uh, that would be me) dumped cold water on their mistress and she melted down to a steaming frizzle on the floor, it didn’t take much to vanquish them!

Poor unloved Kate, I feel sorry for you. Is your popularity down so far that this is the best you could do? Are you jealous that I won the Ruby Slippers this year and you did not? For someone so inordinately proud of her legion of brainwashed minions, you fail so hard. Better work on the quality of your blog, so you won’t have to resort to those tired old ugly bitch tactics.

And speaking of tired old ugly bitch tactics: why are you not here to “debate” me yourself, if you think you know so much better than I do what’s going on in Venezuela? Buk buk buk b’kawww, Katie dear. Since the Mariachi Cockroaches are already playing for the pity-party for your soulmate Chuck, I could only spare one lonely trombonist for you…

Good night, and get fucked!

*No, I’m not linking to her shitty blog or her smack-talk about me. You wanna see it, google it.

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40 Responses to Wankers of the Week: The geese are getting fat

  1. Omar says:

    Hello Bina, just as a note of appreciation, I’d like to thank you for your very informative and inspiring reporting, but also your honest and educated opinions. I have been reading your blog recently and I have to say it fills me with great joy finding such a courageous and kindred spirit that doesn’t take bs from anyone and always up to an intellectual challenge, maintaining moral integrity and serious character in all debates. Thank you and God bless you for being such a beautiful person.
    Kind regards,

  2. Omar, you’re more than welcome. Glad you found me.

  3. Bayarsaikhan says:

    I was quite surprised and shocked to see the overwhelming use of such vulgar language in your blog. I cannot visit a site where such seething hatred pours so freely. You need to achieve some inner peace and perspective if you wish readers to give serious consideration to any of your essays. This is not a civilized way to reach out to people. I hope you take my comments with the sincerity with which they have been made.

  4. Oh, sweet Jesus, how am I supposed to take this terrible, terrible rejection? Especially from someone who’s never been here to comment before, who clearly takes everything WAY too seriously, and who obviously doesn’t know me from Adam’s housecat?
    I hope you take MY comments with the sincerity with which THEY have been made. Sincerely.

  5. Omar says:

    As one grows older and, hopefully, becomes more mature, substance takes priority over form I say. Pope’s essay on criticism, I believe, is a good starting point for a sincere critic. Carry on, Sabina!

  6. Thank you, Omar, I knew you’d understand. And what an excellent reference! Must re-read it. I’d be most remiss as an old English Lit major if I did not…

  7. Bayarsaikhan says:

    It appears that choosing civil discourse is beyond your ability. Enjoy this cesspool of vulgarity, ignorance and hatred which you have fostered. I see no value in further reading of anything from such a mind. You are as classy as your website content suggests.

  8. Oh really? Well, you’re not even up to that level. You may think you’re above it, but your narrow-minded caviling tells me otherwise.
    And if you see no further value, why’d you come back? Glutton for punishment? Well, here’s yours: YOU’RE BANNED. Usually I give my trolls three strikes, but seeing as you’re extra snotty, you get just two.

  9. Murray says:

    I was against the FCC regulating the net, but this blog has made me reconsider the issue. … No need to regulate. I’ll just ignore this sort of tripe. Adios.

  10. What rock do all you imbeciles crawl out from under? In the first place, it’s not the FCC’s job to police blogs for content that merely shatters your cozily stupid world-view. The net neutrality law is supposed to ensure that access providers don’t create a two-tier internet in which “unapproved” content moves either slowly or not at all. The fact that they wimped out tells me they have no teeth for the big fish, much less unimportant people like me.
    And yeah, you “ignored” me so well. You felt compelled to tell me what “tripe” I write. What a joke. If you had really ignored it, you’d have just fucked off without leaving me a turd.
    Thanks for outing yourself on the right entry, though. You’re toast.

  11. Mike says:

    Followed a link here, now I regret my mistake. You’re an idiot. No, don’t bother banning me, I won’t be back to this shining example of left-tard hatred.

  12. Yeah, Mike, you Nazis are so loving, I can see that. I’m sure you WILL be back, since you trolls just can’t seem to stay away. Tell Kate McMillan to go fuck herself, y’hear? She’s one dumb, cowardly bitch if she sends you boys to do her dirtywork.

  13. Southey Magoo says:

    This is a perfect example why I am glad that, as a man, I do not menstruate.

  14. Gee, “Mister Magoo”, that’s funny, because it was a woman that sent you. Bet she’s menopausal, though, so that makes it all all right.
    PS: Isn’t it unfortunate that you, as a man, feel compelled to masturbate on women’s blogs? Really says a lot about your level of maturity there, MAN.

  15. John West says:

    Your blog is a cry of pain. You are hurting and lashing out at your betters. Mindlessly hating everyone and everything that is not specifically, you.
    I truly enjoy seeing that much pain coming from such a creepy loser. Only a hopeless lose would talk they way you do.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you live a long and miserable life. Although I expect you will blow a valve early on with that much stress in your venomous life.

  16. John, stop projecting and seek help for your chronic masturbation problem. What you’re doing is pitiful and unmanly. The bitch who sent you is never gonna sleep with you, so stop wasting your time.

  17. tom says:

    How about Obama? He’s sold us out on everything the progressive left believes but no “fucking Obama”s for him? Maybe you can make up for it by sending Xmas gifts to the Gitmo prisoners of conscience and pretend you give a shit about the Patriot Act not just still being around but having been added to by fucking Obama.

  18. Tom, thanks for the suggestions. Next time, please make them more politely. You don’t want to end up listed here yourself, do you?
    PS: I’m a Canadian citizen. And I’ve signed every petition that doesn’t demand a US zipcode. What more do you want?

  19. Mike says:

    Please Ban me. I will wear it as a badge of honor. Wanker indeed.

  20. Nick says:

    Dude, you need a hug.
    Hugs to you and Merry Christmas, you need some joy in your life.

  21. tom says:

    Then why all the U.S. politico stuff and not just hockey crap? Maybe because U.S. politics affects you enough for you to care about it?
    Obama on Gitmo just from today in the WaPo:
    Isn’t that enough from him to be added as #31 to your list? (Which is asking about as much to walking the walk as signing an internet petition.)

  22. pale says:

    I see all the “civil” types came out to protest.
    On one hand they are all for killing and bloodshed and being selfish gits, but find the F word offends their delicate sensibilities.
    And then they wonder why we point and laugh at them.
    Fuck em all and a merry ho ho ho Sabina. 🙂
    From one foul mouthed humanitarian to another.

  23. Bumf says:

    I’m curious: do you usually wipe the spittle off your screen after every post, or do you wait until it builds ups and solidifies and then remove it with a spackle knife?

  24. northaytrapperr says:

    It’s amazing: You lash out like a 15 year old trying to impress his friends with all the dirty words he knows and think that it makes you look cool.
    You actually think you have the upper hand because you are more of an idiot.
    Sorry my dear, but your 15 minutes of e-fame are up.
    Funny too, how you slam Kate MacMillan for the responses you get, but my guess is that without her link, no one would be commenting at all.

  25. Actually, I ban it…like I’m doing right now with you, Bumfuck McDumbfuck.
    Tell Kate to come here herself, if she has issues with me and isn’t too fucking chicken for a REAL talk. Toodles!

  26. Nic Cruickshank says:

    wow, you are truly an angry person. Sorry about your progressivism, don’t worry it should hopefully clear up before your twilight. All the best to you in your endeavours, and may God bless you.
    Surprisingly sincerely, Nic,
    one of the Toronto born sons of an immigrant who helped put Rob Ford in power.

  27. R. Ed Neck says:

    My my my. In the spirit of the holiday season are we?
    I had to wait for at least four comments before I found the word “Nazi”.
    Classless, clueless and foul.

  28. Well, “dadey”, it’s like this: I prefer quality, not quantity. Therefore, I don’t care if you don’t post here again. In fact, I’d prefer that you fucked off and said nothing. Classy people generally do that, you know.
    And thanks for admitting that the Wingnut Wench of the West sent you. She’s a classless act herself.

  29. Well, if the foo’ shits, wear it, CinderFella.
    And please, spare me the adjectives. They apply to you just for coming here. And to the bitch that sent you. Tell her to get some overies, ‘kay?

  30. Glen Filthie says:

    Hi Sabina.
    I read your scholarly article and would like to compliment you on your sharp intellect!
    I am a single multicoloured communist currently looking to hook up with a woman with no self respect. I like fat chicks in tight jeans, shopping at walmart burning books.
    Maybe we should get together?

  31. a different bob says:

    Sabina – “Tell Kate to come here herself”
    On her worst day she’d still each your lunch.
    She just won’t do like what I am doing right now…. lower herself.

  32. Colin from Mission B.C. says:

    Sabina, Merry Christmas. And, Jesus forgives you.

  33. Jethro says:

    My child you have so much anger in you! We will pray to our heavenly father and all the saints that you may see an easing of the pain in your life. Remember Jesus loves you and will always welcome you into his Holy Kingdom! You have only to open up your heart and accept him as your Lord and Savior! Peace be with you my child! We will pray for you and ask our congregation to pray for you as well, so that you may find forgiveness in your heart and that the joy of this Holy Season will be with you and your family.
    Peace be with you!
    Marge and Jethro

  34. Omar says:

    “And though it is much to be a nobleman, it is more to be a gentleman” (Antony Trollope). I suppose the above comments prove Trollope’s point. It really is ironic when people get all giddy and aghast when they read an angry response or review about a crime but forget about the crime itself! Carry on, regardless!

  35. Omar, not only do the comments above prove Trollope right, they also prove me right. Kate McMillan is a warmongering coward, and this is the quality of company she attracts: Hypocritical, dirty-minded, and–well, you get the picture. Pitiful, really, so see so much degeneracy all coming at me in one volley.
    Now, before this blog catches whatever they’ve got (smells like syphilis–ugh!), I should issue fair warning: Any further SDA trolls will be logged and banned. And where applicable, their ISPs will hear from me too.

  36. pale says:

    Ain’t it a pip Omar?
    These “people” really just do not care about anything or anyone.
    But if you swear or call out the real haters, they get their knickers in a twist.
    I hope their own god can forgive THEM. I think the Bible actually says somethings about liars and thieves and cruelty.
    But they ignore those parts, good Christians they are. LOL.
    Head shaking and mind numbing hypocrisy and stoopid.

  37. Omar says:

    Well you know , all religions and also the rules of human decency, say something about liars and thieves and cruelty. whats so good about democracy and freedom of speech is that it exposes the pathological nuts and hypocrites and makes them dig their own graves, so to speak, and end up in the cesspool of history.
    Castles made of sand fall into the sea eventually, as Hendrix once said.

  38. Anthony says:

    “I was quite surprised and shocked to see the overwhelming use of such vulgar language in your blog.
    I cannot visit a site where such seething hatred pours so freely.”
    And then Bayarsaikhan went back to Free Republic, and Stormfront, and Small Dead Animals, and all the other Freeper sites where they listen to Glenn Beck’s “expose and exterminate liberals” speech on repeat. All the pig feces dropped by Kate’s cronies on this page…this is why I could never be a right-wing Keyboard Commando thug. Sorry…”conservative”. (My ass, conservative…)

  39. Omar says:

    Also, Id like to say that when you’re an uninvited guest in someones house, or blog in this situation, you should at least be courteous and polite to the host.

  40. I got more sewage from the Right-Wing Sludge Machine, but I threw it all in the spam grinder. No one should have to put up with abuse, and I certainly don’t. You all deserve to lose your internet access (which, like driving, is a privilege, and can and should be rescinded if you run people over while drunk.)
    For those who claim this is an infringement on your freedom of speech, stop being such idiotic hypocrites. If I wandered onto your blogs and set you straight (and you’re all in dire need of it, I can see that), you’d probably do the same AND delete my comment before your disgrace became public knowledge. Fortunately, I know better than to do that. But then, my mother raised me correctly. Yours? Well…I hate to speculate. I’d say you were all raised by wolves, if I didn’t already know that wolves were more civilized than any of you.
    So, here’s a little free lesson in netiquette, for all you n00bs: You don’t have the right to walk into strangers’ houses and defecate on the carpet, much less in the name of free speech. And that’s what you did here. If this blog is a “cesspit”, it’s because you “freedom-loving” rightards came up from the sewer and threw shit at it. Yes, even those of you who sniff at my language, who say you’re praying for me, and who have the gall to come in here spewing bile and then telling me I’m the hateful one. Take a good hard look at her who sent you, again, and in your own mirrors. You’ll see she regularly calls for people’s deaths, not to mention spamming raids like this one. If you think you have any lessons on manners to impart, I suggest you take them to Kowardly Kustard Kate. She needs them in the worst way.
    And yes, SHIT is an acceptable word here. As is FUCK. Chaucer used both in the Canterbury Tales. Go read him if you don’t believe me. He was quite a one for well-salted language, that Geoffrey.
    One thing I don’t recall him doing, though, is calling down spam attacks on rival poets for use of common English words. If you don’t like bad fucking language, too fucking bad. Sorry your vocabularies are so limited, and that you are all such delicate little titty-babies about a few blue words. Maybe you should go take a hard look at the REAL obscenities you shit-fer-brains warhawks are supporting right now. Afghan dancing boys for “contractors” to rape come to mind, among other things. Or sexual assaults on kids in Abu Ghraib. I guess all THOSE things are just fine with you “Christians”!
    As for me, I can say conclusively that your sanctimonious hypocrisy is the reason why I stay out of churches. If you people are what’s passing for “saved” these days, it’s obvious your Sunday-school lessons didn’t teach you the first thing about truly moral conduct. You’re a bunch of whitewashed sepulchres. You have no business preaching ANYTHING at me.
    Comments now closed. Go lick your wounded asses elsewhere.

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