What Chavecito is up against

Cort G. sent me this link yesterday. It’s so appalling, I just had to share it:

Video in Spanish. Apparently it’s a Miami talk show where putschists are regularly featured. Part 1 of two; click through for the second, if you can stand it.

Listening to her makes my ears hurt, as she’s an absolute non-entity trying to usurp other countries’ sovereignty. She calls Chavecito a “clown” who “takes away people’s rights”, claiming, falsely, that “nobody believes in him”, when in fact nobody believes in his opponents! She is so dissociated that I actually felt embarrassed for her, and got more and more so as the clip went on.

But what do we expect of Miami ex-Cubans with a rabid hate-on for anything connected to Fidel…even if that “thing” is democratically elected by six out of ten Venezuelans, and viewed more positively by those six of ten than any “democratic” leader the US has ever backed? And even if what goes on in other countries is frankly none of any congresscritter’s damn business? I daresay far more Latin Americans hold a positive view of Fidel Castro than they do of Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who has a reputation for being unlikable and not terribly bright. A pity for her, then, that her base is limited to Florida, and very specifically, the ex-Cuban far right there.

In her shoes, I’d stop calling for the overthrow (or assassination) of anyone…

…and start attending to the real needs of her own voters. Brainless, pandering blather like this isn’t serving them one iota.

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2 Responses to What Chavecito is up against

  1. Anthony says:

    Ugh, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. She reacted to Uruguay’s decision to recognize Palestine by claiming that they have “a growing problem with Islamic extremism on their borders” – OHNOES! All the al-Qaeda members in Gualeguaychu and Salto and Rio Grande – IT’S OVER 9000!

    Oy. And this is kind of related to a news item I posted on my Facebook wall earlier; Evo Morales recently decided to recognize Macedonia under its constitutional name, in return of MKD endorsing Evo regarding the decriminalizon of coca leafs. And Ros-Lehtinen, apart from hating Evo’s guts, is a strong supporter of Greece on the Macedonia name dispute, suggesting that MKD should be refered to as “Former Yugoslavia” instead. Which is why MKD is the only country in the world to be refered to as “Former [suzerain] Republic of [region name]”

    And most countries in South America are currently using Macedonia rather than “Fyrom”, so I can see another reason why Ros-Lehtinen is hating the current leadership south of the border.

  2. Sabina Becker says:

    Yep, that “Islamic extremists on the borders!!!11111eleventhousandeleventyone!!!!” refrain is familiar, all right…they accuse Venezuela of harboring ’em, too. Meanwhile, who ARE these so-called Islamist extremists? Nothing but indigenous Wayúu people living on the Guajira Peninsula. Funnily, though, they don’t say it about Colombia, which shares the peninsula and also has a lot of Wayúu. Fair in one court, foul in the other!

    Macedonia is Macedonia. No “formers” about it. I don’t know why Ileana has trouble grasping that; but then, I know for a fact that Evo outshines her for brains by several orders of magnitude. That’s why he’s a president and she’ll never be one.

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