Festive Left Friday Blogging: Terrific tweeps. I haz them.

And some of them have had their picture taken with some pretty damn terrific people. Like, oh, say, Chavecito:

That little guy under Chavecito’s hand? That’s Fidel Palma, who tweeted this pic, taken 15 years ago. Back then, Chavecito was newly out of jail, touring Venezuela to hear what the people really wanted, and getting together what would become a winning presidential campaign platform. One of the biggest things people dreamed of? Public education, especially at the higher levels. Fidel is now at university, along with thousands of other young Venezuelans, thanks to the efforts of their president–who happens to be the son of two schoolteachers himself.

And that black squiggle on the guy on the white shirt, holding the microphone? That’s Chavecito’s autograph.

A photo to be treasured, for sure. Fidel, you’re one lucky muchacho.

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