How lucky is Luis Posada Carriles?

Pretty damn lucky, if he can manage to avoid getting prosecuted for terrorism over not one

A Salvadoran man jailed in Cuba in connection with a string of 1990s hotel bombings says he told a U.S. prosecutor that he got explosives and money directly from a former CIA operative now on trial in Texas, and that he is willing to testify against him.

Otto Rene Rodriguez told The Associated Press in an exclusive interview Tuesday that he received powerful C-4 explosives and $2,000 in cash directly from Luis Posada Carriles to carry out an Aug. 3, 1997, bombing at Havana’s Melia Cohiba hotel. He was captured trying to enter the country on a subsequent trip with 1.5 kilograms (3.3 pounds) of C-4 that Posada had given him, he said.

“Truthfully, looking me in the eyes he cannot say he doesn’t know me,” Rodriguez said. “He does know me. He used me like a tool.”

…but two (and more) credible witnesses coming out against him:

A Cuban special investigator is testifying in the perjury trial of a former CIA agent in Texas.

The evidence is a rare example of cooperation between the US and Cuba.

In all, two security officers and a medical examiner from Cuba are expected to testify in the US government case against Cuban native Luis Posada Carriles.

He spent a lifetime using violence to destabilize communist political systems throughout Latin America, backed by Washington.

Mr Posada, 82, is not on trial for the bombings, including that of a Cuban airline off Barbados in 1976 – only for lying about them at his immigration hearings.

Gee, isn’t it a good thing he’s only being tried for lying his way into the country that sponsored his terrorist activities? And isn’t it a good thing that said country isn’t that serious about fighting terrorism if the terrorist is white, Christian and right-wing?

And isn’t it absolutely hilarious that the same country, which operates the brutal torture centre at Guantánamo Bay, and which has also outsourced its torture operations to countries specializing in all kinds of sadism, fears that this old man will be tortured in Cuba and/or Venezuela–even though neither country does that anymore (with the obvious exception of the US military base at Gitmo)? This is why they won’t extradite him, despite repeated requests on the part of Venezuela and Cuba.

If that’s the kind of crook you are, you don’t need no stinkin’ rabbit’s feet. All you need is a wink and a slap on the wrist, and you’re good to go.

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