CAP: the (non)burial saga continues

Pardon the choice of artwork, but really…what else would YOU use to illustrate this?

The body of former Venezuelan president Carlos Andrés Pérez, which has been frozen in a Miami funeral home for over two months due to a family dispute over the place of burial, will be temporarily buried in a crypt in that southern US city, said a judge on Thursday.

Following Pérez’s death on December 25 at age 88, Pérez’s wife and children in Caracas filed a lawsuit to prevent his being buried in Miami, maintaining that the remains should return to Venezuela, as they claimed had been his will.

Pérez’s mistress and children in Miami in turn claimed that the late leader should be buried in that city, since he had not wanted to return to Venezuela while Hugo Chávez was in power.

After a futile effort to reach an agreement between the two families, judge Arthur Rothenberg ordered a “temporary solution” to the dispute: “to place the remains of Mr. Pérez in a crypt in Miami in a decent and dignified manner”, and to do it in such a way as would permit, if necessary, a later “transportation and burial in Venezuela, if that were the decision of the court”.

Translation mine.

And, in all seriousness: RIP, CAP.

UPDATE, Wednesday afternoon: Looks like he will be repatriated to Venezuela after all. Look for all the scum de la scum at his funeral service there. Muchas gracias to Otto for the link.

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  1. otto says:

    Latest latest updatey thing from today: It looks like he gets to fly after all:

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