Festive Left Friday Blogging: Raise the flag!

This past Wednesday was Sea Day in Bolivia–the day the country commemorates the loss of its seacoast to Chile during the War of the Pacific. That’s why landlocked Bolivia still has a navy, even though currently it only patrols Bolivia’s major rivers, and Lake Titicaca (which borders on Peru). But what is gone is not forgotten, and Evo makes an especially strong point of raising the flag to it:

Until recently, it looked as though Evo might actually get sea rights through Chile; he was in talks with Michelle Bachelet and things looked good. Now Sebastián Piñera is in the Moneda Palace, and he’s being a dick about it. But Evo being Evo, he’ll probably wear him down in due course, with sheer dignity and persistence.

Sail on, Evo!

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