How the Venezuelan oppos conduct a hunger strike

Unlike the late, misguided anorexic Franklin Brito, these opposition students have a different take on the whole concept of a hunger strike:

A video was filmed by residents of an area where some opposition students were using the extreme measure of a “hunger strike”, in order to pressure the national government in supposed defence of their universities.

The host of the program “La Hojilla”, Mario Silva, presented this video on Wednesday night. In it, students on a supposed hunger strike can be seen consuming cachitos and refreshments, and when they remain unsatisfied, they head for a local fast-food joint and chow down on some succulent hamburgers.


In Venezuela, a cachito is a salted bun, usually stuffed with ham or cheese.

Translation mine.

What a strange, topsy-turvy universe these oppo kids live in, where a hunger strike means stuffing yourself with hi-cal sammies, and coming out looking more like the Michelin Man than you did going in. And some of these kids were pretty damn chubby to begin with–which kind of puts the lie to the frequent oppo contention that Venezuela is starving to death under Chávez!

Even stranger, the students in question were “striking” for a less democratic university model than the one put forth by the Bolivarian government, in response to the demands of students and workers. ¿Qué h’éso?

And while we’re at it, can someone please explain to me how a government that creates a ministry for education to be run by students is “dictatorial” and “tyrannical”? Or why, if the oppos really feel so voiceless and oppressed, they just refuse to show up at a televised debate on that very issue? Because I’m confused here. Just as confused as I am by people who think a hunger strike means you can snarf down cachitos and fast-food burgers by the bagful.

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  1. U have the facts. But Paul Escobar has a fat kid who’s going to make me the Billy Cyrus of Bolivarian blogging.

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