Insanity at a Brazilian bike rally

This is just disgusting:

Video in Portuguese, with English subtitles very helpfully added.

Ricardo José Neis (correct spelling of the driver’s name, given as “Neif” in the video) tried to run down a Critical Mass bike rally in Porto Alegre. You can see in the video he just comes up from behind, running down everyone in his path. There is no question of an accident–this was quite premeditated. And it also underscores why there are Critical Mass rides all over the world once a month–cyclists are agitating for safer road conditions so that shit like this can no longer happen.

(PS: The comments at YouTube are absolutely fucking insane, too…lots of fucktards cheering the crazy driver. Don’t read unless you want your blood to boil over.)

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  1. YouTube comment boards. They’re not called the trailer parks of the Internet for nothing

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