Your attention, please…

While you’re waiting for me to finish that weekly work of genius that is my wankapedia, I want you to welcome a new kid to the blogosphere. He goes by the name of VeeeATCH!, and he’s very VeeeATCH-y indeed. He will be taking up residence on my blogroll, and yours too, if you’re smart.

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3 Responses to Your attention, please…

  1. The site’s name is “VeeeATCH!”. My name is “P-ublic E-nemy”. But it’s okay if you’re confused, I made these names up at a rave.

    I am forever indebted to you & Otto. I haven’t told any family or friends about this blog (for both commercial & embarrassment reasons). 100% of my readership is a direct result of you guys.

    Thank you!

  2. Inversius Aurelius says:

    Love your blog – came across it accidentally when I googled ‘Sarkozy’ and ‘Wanker’!

    Re. Libya. Interesting to see some facts about the country according to Earth Trends ( – between 1980 and 2002, youth literacy increased from 79% to 97% (both sexes), adult literacy is currently around 92%, births attended by trained professional 94%, access to improved sanitation (rural) 96% – life expectancy up around 70 yrs, infant mortality half to one third of that of middle east and north africa as a whole. Gadaffi may be a thug and tyrant, but he knows how to spread the oil money around. Oh, % of population in prison? Libya ranks 60th highest in the world, compared to your erstwhile southern neighbors – Number 1 of course. Be very sad to see Libya reduced to the basket case Iraq has become 🙁

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Howdy, and welcome! Sorry I’ve been so late in replying to this…

      Yes, Libya is way ahead of so much of North Africa in many respects. Which makes me wonder why this rebellion is really going on, and who’s inciting it and why. Some of it could be spillover from Tunisia, Egypt, etc.–people hearing what the neighbors are up to and deciding they want a piece of that for themselves. But I wouldn’t be too surprised, either, if there were infiltrators with European or US intel ties in the mix somewhere. I was surprised at first to see so much English-language tweeting coming from Libya, but maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised after all–if the literacy rates are so high, it stands to reason that a lot of them have also learned English. I wonder how many of those tweeters are the real thing, and how many are actually black ops agents, trying to sell the west on a war that many Libyans actually don’t want. The conditions in Libya are so different from the rest of North Africa (that oil, for starters) that the reasons for an uprising are not as clear. The other countries were suffering from economic problems that made the tyranny unbearable; Libya’s oil is a cushion against that.

      I can see I’m going to have to do a post on this at some point; I’ve got tons of links waiting to be used. Watch this space…

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