Festive Left Friday Blogging: Chavecito’s grand tour

Chavecito’s been a very, very busy boy lately; I’m dizzy just from trying to follow him. But here we go! First up, a little video from Cochabamba, Bolivia:

Lotsa ‘Cito, lotsa Evo, lotsa unity, international co-operation, and other good constructive stuff the lamestream anglo whore media won’t show you. There’s even more if you click through.

And from Uruguay yesterday, there’s this:

Lotsa ‘Cito, lotsa Pepe Mujica, lotsa lotsa. Again, good stuff your lamestream media will never mention. Note how the Uruguayans cheer him like a soccer star. This is no coincidence–they know an ass-kicker when they see one. Uruguay, too, is on the up-and-up with Venezuela’s co-operation and friendship.

And from Argentina, another little something:

Lotsa ‘Cito, lotsa Cristina, lotsa trade agreements, the Rodolfo Walsh prize for journalistic support, and lots of other good stuff your lamestream whore media will only bend out of shape, you know the drill.

Chavecito WAS supposed to be in Colombia today, meeting Juan Manuel Santos, but the presidential plane (which has sure seen a lot of action lately!) broke down and will be needing repairs. That visit is postponed until the 9th. When it happens, you can bet there’ll be lotsa, lotsa more hand-shaking, hugging and other nice stuff your lamestream whore media would never dream of reporting because it totally demolishes the myth of the evil, isolated dictator they desperately want you to believe in.

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