Festive Left Friday Blogging: Correcting a severe deficiency

Hey all, sorry this one’s coming out so late. I’m tired as hell all the time; after checking my symptoms, I concluded that I’m probably deficient on a number of minerals, most critically iodine. I spent most of my afternoon out shopping for supplements today.

And while I was at it, it occurred to me that my blog was suffering a pretty serious deficiency of its own…namely, one of Ecuadorable kickassery and presidential hottitude. So I scoped around for some pictures of Rafael Correa to remedy that, and found something that is exactly what the doctor ordered:


I love this kind of supplementation, don’t you? It makes you feel better instantly, without waiting for anything to kick in. And coming the week of His Hotness kicking yet another putschist US ambassador to the curb, well…it just seemed timely somehow.

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2 Responses to Festive Left Friday Blogging: Correcting a severe deficiency

  1. Anthony says:

    Speaking of how Colombia-Venezuela relations have improved after Uribe left and Santos reached out to Chavez: The two met in Cartagena, Colombia, today – and guess who also attended the meeting and met with the two?

    Porfirio Lobo of Honduras. I. kid. you. not.

    Lobo discussed the possible return of Honduras to the OAS and the return of former President Zelaya from his current exile in the Dominican Republic. Seeing how Lobo and Chavez have not gotten along well with each other after the military coup in Honduras, this meeting totally came out of left field for me, when reading about it in El País.uy.

    Telesur have a couple of articles up on the meeting too, might want to check them out.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Well, I’ll be fucked. I guess Pepe Lobo now realizes just how precarious his own position is, seeing as his succession is illegitimate. Plus the death-squad murders are still going on the same now as they were in Honduras during the coup. It doesn’t look good on him, or on anyone who rah-rah’d his “election” as the restoration of democracy.

      But this meeting sure does say something for the legitimacy of Chavecito–not to mention his influence in the region. It also vindicates Mel Zelaya, big-time.

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