Short ‘n’ Stubby: Ms. Manx revisits Gitmo

Meowy Monday, everyone! The Stumpy Cat has been scouring the Internets again, and for some reason, she keeps getting her paws on stuff about Gitmo. I think it’s a sign, don’t you? So, let’s see what’s ittying on down there…

Frequent commenter Cort Greene has sent me this link from Al-Jazeera. Seems that Wikileaks has done it again, publishing over 700 secret files revealing that at least 150 innocent men are being held at Gitmo, indefinitely, with no trials. They’re considered “high-risk”. Innocent is high-risk? asks the Manx. I guess what they’re at high risk of doing is tarnishing the good image of Team America World Police. It’s the only answer that makes sense.

And if you’re wondering what it takes to get your guiltless ass jailed at Gitmo, one of the reasons, according to Raw Story, is a penchant for cheap ’80s digital watches. Yes, that’s right, Casio is not kosher! Apparently it’s been flagged as the bomb timer of choice for al-Qaida. And now that al-Q knows that the Yanks are onto them, may Ms. Manx suggest that they switch to Rolex or Cartier for blowing shit up?

A more sinister underlying cause for the ongoing (and largely wrongful) imprisonments at Gitmo comes to light in this Truthout piece. Apparently, psychological torture methods are being tested. And since no one in the US is volunteering to be the guinea pig to help the US army find out what drives a person insane and makes them “confess” that they learned the black arts at a secret terror training camp and/or have been kidnapped and rectally probed by aliens, well–guess who’s being used instead? (Apparently, sniffs the Stumpie, somebody has learned nothing from the Spanish Inquisition.)

And finally, for those interested, the Gitmo files can be accessed in their entirety here. Ms. Manx wishes you fun in finding out other potentially humiliating facts that the gringo powers-that-be don’t want the world knowing.

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