The Douche

One of the funniest, truest educational videos I’ve seen in a long time. Girls, watch and learn–these are the guys who put roofies in your drinks, who neg and insult and harass you just to get that elusive ego-boost. Watch, learn–and AVOID!

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  1. dz alexander says:

    Thought you might like to read this —

    Lula’s Brazil
    Contrary to a well-known English dictum, stoical if self-exonerating, all political lives do not end in failure. In postwar Europe, it is enough to think of Adenauer or De Gasperi, or perhaps even more impressively, Franco. But it is true that, in democratic conditions, to be more popular at the close than at the outset of a prolonged period in office is rare. Rarer still – indeed, virtually unheard of – is for such popularity to reflect, not appeasement or moderation, but a radicalisation in government. Today, there is only one ruler in the world who can claim this achievement, the former worker who in January stepped down as president of Brazil, enjoying the approval of 80 per cent of its citizens. By any criterion, Luiz Inácio da Silva is the most successful politician of his time.
    Perry Anderson Vol. 33 No. 7 · 31 March 2011 pages 3-12

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