Wankers of the Week: WordPress, and ONLY WordPress.

Yes, kiddies, that’s right. No weekly wankapedia this week, because my bloody fucking blogware decided to kack out right as I was putting the final touches on a full 30-entry bucket-o-bile. Unfortunately, the last previous draft I’d saved was less than half the length, and I didn’t consider it worth trying to resurrect or remember who I listed; I’m stressed enough as it is.

I’ve been having trouble with WordPress for a couple of weeks now, so this was not totally out of the blue; the scheduling function is also acting up, and I have no idea when the powers that be are going to fix the mess they’ve made. So tonight, the only one getting fucked is me. And I’m not enjoying it.

Good night, and wish me better luck for next time. I’m gonna fucking need it.

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9 Responses to Wankers of the Week: WordPress, and ONLY WordPress.

  1. Anthony says:

    Maybe we could write this week’s Wankapedia on the comments section?

    Because I really need to unload on Terry Fucking Jones, and how he just laughs in the face of people getting killed as a result of his sitting in a ivory tower and provoking Muslims in a situation as serious as this. Afpak, Iraq, Libya- I’m sure they’ll love to have the Americans “help” when Terry Jones runs amok. -_-

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Oh yeah, I had totally fucking let loose on him in the lost wankapedia that was supposed to be posted in this space! I mentioned that he and the appropriately surnamed Mr. Sapp who did his bible-burning for him should hook up (Jones totally looks like a closeted leatherdude with that Fu Manchu of his!), have their wedding in Afghanistan, and have some bacha bazi at their bachelor party. If they’re going to do something provocative to piss off the Taliban, they might as well do it in a way that really takes gonads. Book-burning from a safe distance, under the rubric of “First Amendment rights”, just doesn’t cut it somehow.

  2. Beijing York says:

    I’m really sorry about your Word Press woes, Sabina. I look forward to your Wankers of the Week column.

    In addition to Terry Fucking Jones, I don’t even know where to begin.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Well, I had Scott Fucking Adams (the dildo who gave us Dilbert), for his misogyny; several HarpoCons; and that as-yet unnamed schoolteacher who made fun of a little girl for using Jolly Rancher candies as hair ornaments. That much I do remember. But my brain is still utterly fried from last night’s meltdown…

  3. Slave Revolt says:

    Ha, ha,…I tune in for my weekly injection of mocking-laughter toward assholes, whores, traitors, weirdos (in the bad, creepy sense of the term), weak-ass punks, and rapacious, stupid hucksters and hypocrites, and Word-Press sabtatoges this indulgence and the associated enjoyment.

    Oh, well. Thanks for the effort anyway, Bina.

    Surely the quality of wit and force of invective will be worth the wait–as it is being keep in gestation for a bit.

    Looking forward to your next invaluable salvo of riccato mocking of the mercenary, ignorant a-holes that abound and resound in our culture.

  4. Slave Revolt says:

    Making fun of and encouraging group-hate directed at a little girl for her choice of hair adornments…

    Good that you didn’t post his name and location.

    That abuse is close to child molestation–especially if the teacher was a male.

    What a wanker turd. Outrageous bs.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Well, the teacher was a woman, but no matter. The whole thing smacked of bullying. It’s wrong when kids do it, but adults? Inexcusable.

  5. Bina, lookup & install XAMPP on your PC. It’s a program that adds fake mysql php shit to your computer – so you can practice website stuff in an offline sandbox.

    Using it you’d create a fake wordpress site, load it up with all your addons, and make some fake posts. You’d use that to test wordpress updates – before actually applying them to ur site. There’s tons of tutorials via search.

    I used it couple months back, when i wanted to learn wordpress. I only settled on blogger because it was free.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      I don’t have a PC, I have a Mac. And once you done Mac, you never go back!

      Right now I’m saving my wankapedia as a MS-Word file, which I’ll then copy and paste on the day it’s to be posted, and add the photos and comics online. It’s not a great solution, but at least it can be made to work. It’s the stupid scheduling function that’s not working–the one where you can tell the blog in advance what entry to post on a given day. I used to use it for my wankapedia and my Sunday music posts, but now I can’t, at least until WordPress fixes that glitch. I’m not even sure I can save longer drafts on it anymore, since it’s now clear that the platform is unstable enough to eat them.

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