Explaining Election 41

Here ya go. The map of the day:

Blame the fucking hipsters. And the dicks who listen to Nickelback. Everyone else does!

Meanwhile, in other election news, it looks like two SupposiTories are facing judicial recounts. Would sure be funny if they lost, although not as funny as it would be if it were ALL of them.

In the meantime, we can all look forward to a lot more robot-Harpo sketches from Craig Lauzon. That’s got to be worth something…

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6 Responses to Explaining Election 41

  1. Beijing York says:

    LOL! A pox on the houses of Nickelback fans.

  2. hans says:

    You got exactly what you voted for. Now wait for your health care to become just like the USA!

  3. Slave Revolt says:

    No, this simply signals the decline of the vigor of any cogent left analysis and organizing. Passive consumerism and incessant corporate propaganda–careerists in the left-liberal wing that are too comfortable and afraid to rock the boat and lead the demos, the people.

    Very similar dynamics here in the US.

    Develop a discourse and narrative that is more compelling than the corporate propaganda and passive consumerist culture regieme.

    This requires passion, and a visionary story that inspires intelligent movement forward.

    You do good work, Bina, but you are working within a lager, alienated culture with a tremendous momentum promoting the general cultural attitudes that prevail.

    “Mock on! Mock on!

    Voltaire, Rousseau….”

    W. Blake

    Keep it up.

  4. rerewo says:

    In 1987 the NDP became very popular and were way up in the polls. Of course, the far left of the party wanted some space in that limelight and the NDP, being true to themselves, made room for them. Then people said to themselves, “just a minute here” and the NDP’s popularity returned to the usual nongovernment-forming levels.

    Now we have Thomas Mulcair, trading on his position as an important Quebec politician and as a deputy leader of the party, spouting opinions that will only help alienate Canadians and undermine the NDP’s chance of ever forming a government.

    The elections over, so not a lot of harm done yet.

    Let’s hope Canadians are paying attention instead to the NDP foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Yeah, Mulcair put his foot in it yesterday, no doubt. While I question the media narrative of the Osama raid (lack of transparency and violation of international law, anyone?), I can do that without damaging anyone else, because I’m just a blogger. I’m not holding elected office. Mulcair is another story — he’s the guy tasked with training the NDP rookie MPs. If he’s smart, he’ll hold up his indiscretion as a good example of what NOT to do. At least, now that this election is over, that dust mote will have a chance to settle–and if the newcomers make a good showing (and Mulcair doesn’t wank again), next time around might well be the charm.

      • rerewo says:

        I understand where you’re coming from and sometimes would agree with you about a possible “lack of transparency and violation of international law”, except, in this case, maybe an evaluation like that would be a suicide pact with rules and laws, eh, and ill-advised? Forget about political expediency, I mean, for the sake of our own personal peace of mind and perspective on things.

        I’m very secular and freethinking in the political sense, and although my values and thinking are more closely aligned with the NDP than other parties, it’s still an awkward fit, as I guess it is for many of us here.

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