Young feminist calls out Beyoncé (and other assorted BS)

Thanks to Roger Ebert for bringing this to our collective attention. About the only thing I disagree with here is all the bleeping; I think she could have left those words unbleeped. But that’s just me; I don’t bleep anything, as you well know.

PS: As this post seems to be attracting some clueless commenters, I’m going to close comments on it early. Sorry, folks, but I have no appetite for food-fights lately. If you want to fight with the woman who made the video (and that ain’t me), double-click on the YouTube and take it up with the video’s originator. I only posted it here for interest’s sake, not to attract flies.

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12 Responses to Young feminist calls out Beyoncé (and other assorted BS)

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Here, here…I find curse words as proper, contextual bearers of intelligent tone, in most or some instances.

    Have considered arguments against the use of these ‘bad’ words, and, indeed, they can accent unartful and diseased discourse…but context and it’s interpretation is unfolding.

    Nice work.

    Busy but engaged with what you say and do.

  2. JoannOfHtown says:

    Bravo…I Love Beyonce but she missed the boat here…my call to arms: Let them be Loving ones.

  3. skailight says:

    You are Brilliant. Thank you.

  4. SFlores says:


    Great Video….. However I am a bit confused as to what your purpose is. I am grateful that you are trying to bring awareness of feminism to our society through pop culture, but why this video? For once, an artist is TRYING to empower women by creating a song that shows women, sorry, girls, as the leaders and you shoot it down. Now before I move forward I will inform others that I am a active feminist, and have taken many courses on Womens Studies/Issues. My only problem is it seems you want everything, and now. And thats the problem with society. We dont take into appreciation the small steps. We want change and it has to be now. The fact of the matter is, there are a limited amount of artist who can empower women through music. Yes, you can talk about a certain issue and it can have a revolutionary effect on women but the fact that this video was meant as a starting point to empower women and you are so quick to shut it down. So what do you want from Beyonce? In particular, because outside of calling the women *bitches* which I agree is disrespectful, she is trying to motivate them. She is not calling them hoes, skanks, tricks, sluts, etc. So where is the problem? When do we draw the line between entertainment and education? This is music. Remember that you have the option to listen to it or not. In our society, we focus on the artist to be our role models, and Beyonce has been (in my opinion) a great example of a role model who is quiet about her issues, humble and gives back. Did you not recently see her video for Michelle Obama and the campaign for being healthy? But thats not empowering women? You say that you want an egalitarian society. I am sorry, but that is not what people want. Yes the tides need to shift but how much? So that women are in charge and once again society is in a spectrum that consist of a dominant and an inferior? Men are the problem but also need to be the solution. Lets focus on changing the mindset of men and appreciate the effort that some women are putting into their music. Their is a theory (I forget by who) of Intent Vs. Impact. I believe in this sense, her intentions were good, and maybe her impact wasnt the best, but it was a starting point. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. I really appreciated your video and believe you have some good stuff here.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Well, by the same token, I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here. You say you’re a feminist, but then you shoot this woman (who is not me) down? If an egalitarian society is not what “people” (MEN?) want, then maybe there’s something wrong with them, especially since you seem to think “egalitarian” means “women ruling everything” (which is emphatically NOT what it means; check your dictionary there, pal). But you’re in the wrong venue. I suggest you click on the YouTube link and bring it up with the woman who made this, not me.

  5. IamBlessed says:


    Thanks for responding. My apologies for not making my response more clear. I was trying to formulate my thoughts in a cohesive matter. I wanted to refer to the article I was reading in which “egalitarian” was brought up. In the article, many people responded saying that one of the goals of feminism was for women to gain more power and say in our patriarchal society. However, there can never (in my opinion) be an egalitarian society because one group is going to want more power than the other. And that is not the best or right way to think about it. I will be honest with you, as much as I believe no gender should have power over the other, I hope and pray that one day women can rule the world. Maybe I was brought up with tough love, but only by having the power taken from men, will men understand the damage they are doing to others. Now, this is not the only way we can get men to understand, but this would be one of my ways. I guess to make my response to this video more clear, I just get frustrated that we are critiquing an artist attempt at empowering women. So often, society just lets it slide, the sexism that is portrayed in videos, music, advertisement, etc. But in order to move forward we should embrace the small steps that we are taking. My apologies if I was not clear.

    • Aguanilie! says:

      I think you make some great points. I still think she made some great points about feminism. I think there is so much work to be done. Continue the great youtube videos!

  6. Mike says:

    Sometimes it’s cute when chicks get angry about things – “Grr I’m ANGWY!” But sometimes they just need to shut up and make me a sandwich. This is one of those times. Bring a beer too.

    While you’re off preparing my meal, I’ll address the adults in the room: women are ALREADY a protected class in the US. And yes, women are beaten and raped more than men. They also falsely accuse people of raping them more than men do. They also get in peoples’ faces with the mistaken believe that nobody would hit a girl more than men do. They also get pregnant and expect to get their jobs back when it’s convenient for them more than men do. They also expect people to pay for their meals more than men do, and expect people to hold doors for them more than men do. They expect people to lift heavy things like printers, boxes, desks, for them more than men do.

    The point, aside from me still waiting for that sandwich, is that men and women aren’t equal. We’re different, more fit for some things than others, and the law treats us differently. So while it may be cute for some chick to get all ANGWY or whatever, to take seriously the notion of gender equality is absurd. I don’t even think any women really want true equality – they want to keep the perks like being a protected class. Being a member of a legally protected class isn’t equal. Anyway, whatever. This chick will probably delete this comment anyway. I doubt my sandwich will be forthcoming either.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Well, you’re right about one thing, and one thing only, “Mike” — you’re not getting any fucking sandwich here. Other than maybe the knuckle kind, which is about the only kind you’re entitled to. Go do your masturbating elsewhere, ‘kay?

      • sarah brady says:

        a friend linked this on fb – i was about to reply to mikes comment but then when i ready yours i thought i’d offer some constructive advice. it looks like he was trying to irk you and it worked, but if the way you respond to that is to threaten violence and tell him to masturbate, then how are you any better than the people you criticize in your video? if that’s how people think feminists fight for equality, then no wonder everyone hates us. your response made me cringe more than his’

        • Sabina Becker says:

          Oh, sweet Jeebus.

          First up, it’s not MY video; I clearly stated as much. Do I have to spell it out in huge bold letters on the front page? I DID NOT MAKE THIS VIDEO. SOME OTHER WOMAN DID. There. Happy now?

          Secondly, it’s called a joke; Mike didn’t “get” me with anything (although it is rather shocking that such unevolved types really do still exist). Surely I’m entitled to have some good clean fun at his expense, since this IS my blog and all. “Threatening violence” would entail me saying I was coming to his house with a weapon, to do actual damage to his teeny little male bits. Do I also need to spell out HA HA HA?

          Thirdly, when some complete stranger (who can’t even be bothered to use a shift key!) comes on here out of the blue with “constructive advice”, it’s usually nothing of the sort. Especially when it’s of the “you make us look bad” variety. Who appointed you chief of the Feminist Image Police? If I want advice on how to look good for sexist wankers, I’ll ask for it; in the meantime, don’t assume it’s necessary, or that it’s going to be welcomed. It’s called CONCERN TROLLING — look it up. And kindly stop doing it. It makes concerned people look bad.

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