Collateral Suicide

What do I have against the “humanitarian intervention” of NATO in Libya? Lots of things. This video contains a clue as to some of them:

So, let’s recap: So far, no Gaddafi. Their main target (as declared by NATO) remains strangely elusive, considering all the “smart” weaponry they’ve supposedly deployed against him. All this for just one man? They’ve tried to bomb him before, 25 years ago in fact, and succeeded only in killing one of his daughters. Is this “humanitarian”? Funny, but another of Gaddafi’s daughters doesn’t think so…and she’s laying war-crimes charges.

But I guess this latest round of slaughter will also be casually written off as more “collateral damage”, that hateful and meaningless phrase. Isn’t it funny how the same allies who succeeded (supposedly) in capturing and killing Osama bin Laden without a bombing raid are instead falling into the same old Bush-league quagmire in Libya as in Afghanistan and Iraq? Gee, don’t you wonder why that is?

Also, note what the father of the girl who tried to kill herself says. NATO is not needed, in Libya or anywhere. He is absolutely correct. NATO is a Cold War relic that should have been scrapped, along with ALL the existing nuclear weapons everywhere on Earth, the day the Berlin Wall was torn down by the German people. Yet here it is, more than two decades later, still clanking around like a “walker” from Star Wars, unable to achieve its stated objectives of removing one rogue leader (and its covert one of installing a tame dictator in his place. What, you think they support the Arab Spring, in its Libyan incarnation? Naïve child. If they seriously did, would they be bombing the country to hell and driving frightened girls to suicide attempts? And do you think they’d have sat around twiddling their thumbs and wringing their hands over Egypt, Tunisia, etc.?)

I predict they will not deliver a penny in the support they promised the rebels, either. That billion dollars US is just Monopoly money until the cheque clears the bank. (Actually, of the two, I’d prefer Monopoly money; at least it has tangible substance and will buy you little plastic houses you can plant from Baltic Avenue to the Boardwalk.)

In short, this “humanitarian intervention” is a load of khara.

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2 Responses to Collateral Suicide

  1. Cort Greene says:

    Let just me say one more time I do not support the West’s intervention, even when Qaddafi was friends with them and worked with them on many projects and was happy to take their money, arms and advice and I do not support him in any way, shape or form.

    There is no real difference between the economic policies of Qaddafi and the “rebel” leaders” ( many of the youth do not trust these so called leaders and think the West isnusing them and not really fighting against Qaddafi), who would promptly hand over control of Libya’s resources to the imperialists just like Qaddafi had done but there are over 165 tribal councils and 25 different TNC all with different ideas what a new Libya will look like and even the imperialists with their own inter imperialist rivalry really have no control over what will take place.It could be a protracted struggle and civil war somewhat on the plane of what is emerging in Iraq and will take place in Afghanistan at some point in time.

    He may be leaving on his own accord soon anyway.

  2. John Jones says:

    Most of the Libyan people still support Gadhafi and since he has armed them so they can defend themselves the US and its’ NATO puppets have begun a shock and awe campaign against the population because their mercenaries and special forces are unable too take control of the country.

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