Short ‘n’ Stubby: In which Ms. Manx praises gutsy women

The Stumpy Cat just let out a plaintive mew, which is her way of telling me that she’s found some little things that she really would like me to post for you. And in this case, it’s all about brave, gutsy, uppity Canadian women who are not likely to gain much praise from any major mainstream sources. So here’s to the kitty, and here’s to these three — heroes all, good women and true:

Brigette DePape, who was fired from her job as a Senate page for silently and peacefully protesting the Harper Government™, has come out in support of Canada’s boat in the Gaza flotilla, the Tahrir.

Courtney Winkels, who got busted for blowing bubbles near a humorless Toronto cop during last year’s infamous G20 summit, is suing the police.

And an unnamed woman from Moncton, New Brunswick, is facing down a kidnapper in court who sexually abused her for 26 terrible days in which she feared for her life at every moment. And why would she not, since the abductor, who already had a criminal record, told her “he would not return to prison as a kidnapper or a rapist, but would return as a murderer”?

There, now. No more excuses to remain complacent and gutless in the face of adversity. Ms. Manx sends purrs and meows of love and support to these three, who surely deserve it and probably need all of it that they can get.

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