Short ‘n’ Stubby: Ms. Manx loves Brigette!

Hark! What’s that I hear? A stump-tailed kitty meowing? That can only mean one thing: Ms. Manx has been prowling the Internets again. Whatcha got for us, kitty? Ooooo…good stuff:

First off, Ms. Manx wishes to express her extreme disappointment with Sharon Carstairs, whom she always thought was smarter than this:

Carstairs said she would have discouraged her from doing so, at least in her page’s uniform from the floor of the Senate. “It was inappropriate,” said Carstairs. “This is a girl with an incredible future. Why she decided to do this, I don’t know.” Carstairs said some Senate pages can stay in their jobs as long as three years and many go on to work for senators.

“I would suggest Brigette is not going to be one of those (pages now),” Carstairs said.

Unfortunately, Mme. Carstairs turns out to be just as short-sighted and doctrinaire as everyone else in Parliament where Brigette DePape is concerned. Did a single one of those flunkies get up on their hind legs to denounce the way she was treated, or at least to praise her efforts to draw attention to our democratic deficit? (The Manx just let out a long, drawn-out yowl that sounded remarkably like “Noooooooo!”)

Oh well, no matter. I think Brigette’s not so disappointed in the sudden loss of her brilliant future career as a senator’s lackey since Michael Moore has offered her a job.

Regardless of whether Brigette takes him up on that offer or not, there’s a “Stop Harper” rally planned in Ottawa for this coming weekend. The Manx regrets that she won’t make it, but she will be watching the developments with interest that day on the tweeter. Maybe Brigette will be there? It would be lovely to see her face among the speakers!

Meanwhile, fellow prog-bloggers are coming out in support of Brigette where the full-of-fail politicians and media morons won’t. Emily Dee excoriates “constitutional expert” Ned Franks for his poor understanding of democracy, while Dr. J at Your Heart’s on the Left puts things in their right context. The Manx loves them both for it!

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2 Responses to Short ‘n’ Stubby: Ms. Manx loves Brigette!

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    You go, Ms. Manx.

    By the way, I was expecting Ms. Manx to comment on the WONDERFUL news that President Two Breakfasts and his minion Little Fujimora and their neo-fascist…er…neo-liberal economics party were soundly defeated in the election in Peru. Los indignados en Peru son felices hoy dia. Viva la revolucion de paz.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Not to worry, Jim, that’s all coming. Sara Miller Llana shot off her fool mouth again in the CS Monitor, and Ms. Manx is just dying to bat her around the room like a tinfoil ball. But she’s still got some material to gather and prepare her stumpy-tailed self…

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