Augusto Pinochet…marijuanero?


For some odd reason, this article in Patria Grande makes me giggle uncontrollably:

A marijuana plantation has been found in a sector of a hacienda where lie the ashes of the ex-dictator Augusto Pinochet, a property currently under legal sanction for illicit enrichment.

Lucía Pinochet Hirart, the oldest daughter of the former dictator, told the newspaper La Tercera that she was surprised by the finding, which occurred in March of last year but was only recently in the news.

“What might be going on at Los Boldos (the hacienda), we have no idea. It’s open, animals could practically get in. It’s half abandoned,” Hiriart said.

In a chapel at Los Boldos, 130 kilometres southwest of Santiago, the ashes of Pinochet, who died December 10, 2006, were interred.

The property was one of many owned by the former dictator, who ruled from 1973 to 1990. He was sanctioned under the law during an illicit-enrichment case which began before his death.

Pinochet was tried, and remained under house arrest in Los Boldos, where two of his daughters have also had mausoleums built, but he died before a judgment could be passed.

The case continues, however, and still affects various members of the Pinochet family.

La Tercera confirmed that the hacienda is currently in the hands of an army officer, who acted as custodian while Pinochet was still living.

The marijuana plantation was discovered in a ravine about 6 kilometres from the entry to the ranch, which spans 51 hectares. Although no one has been found responsible, the chief prosecutor of the port of San Antonio, Eduardo Fernández, told La Tercera that “the investigation has not yet definitively closed.”

Translation mine.

Jesus, that’s funny. Now I’ve got the munchies.

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6 Responses to Augusto Pinochet…marijuanero?

  1. Colin West says:

    I’m not sure the extent to which you can say the blockade on Gaza is designed to starve the Palestinians there, since there hasn’t been a death due to starvation yet. I think the malnutrition rates are worse in countries on the Arabian peninsula than in Gaza! Otherwise, I agree – good work.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Well, there’s more than one kind of starvation. Denying them food is only one of several. They’re also not letting medical supplies, clean water or building materials in. Anything that weakens a populace and makes them vulnerable to takeover could be deemed a kind of starvation.

    • rita says:

      Why do you agree with anything else? She’s obviously hasn’t a clue what she’s talking about.

      • Sabina Becker says:

        Actually, Rita, I do know what I’m talking about. I also know who I’m talking to. Another fucking hasbara troll. The same shit that I thought I’d cleared out of here months ago. (Probably the same shitter, too.)

        Since you posted this on an entry not at all germane to the Gaza crisis, and you’re both posting from, I’m going to assume that you and your “pal” “Colin” are both one and the same troll, playing good cop/bad cop, and ban you both. Three strikes. You’re OUT.

  2. rita says:

    In the past week, Israel let in 11 truckloads of medical supplies and 252 truckloads of construction materials, including 165 trucks of building aggregate, 43 trucks of cement, 7 trucks of iron and 37 truckloads of glass, aluminum and wood profiles. 27,933 tons of goods were let in this week alone.

    • Sabina Becker says:


      “In October 2006, Israel reduced the limit for Palestinian fishermen from 20 nautical miles from the coast to six, and following its 2008-09 war on Gaza, to three nautical miles, depriving Gazans of jobs and an important source of nourishment. Exports were banned and imports restricted to a list of basic food items and medicines drawn up by Israel.

      “After Israeli commandos raided blockade-busting ships carrying foreign activists and supplies last summer, Israel was compelled by international pressure to allow in some commercial goods.

      “However, the construction sector has been paralysed by an Israeli ban on the import of building materials and manufacturing suffers from an embargo on raw materials and industrial goods.”

      A rose by any other name would still smell of STARVATION.

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