Festive Left Friday Blogging Too: Who’s yer president?

Ahem. What was I saying again about him staying at the helm, no matter what? Here’s Chavecito, in Cuba, convening a meeting on Wednesday with his cabinet ministers. And no, they weren’t making funeral arrangements in advance for him. They were discussing the same things they always do: development, agriculture, electricity conservation, healthcare…you know, the day-to-day bread-and-butter issues of running Venezuela? Oh yeah, he’s still doing that.

Embarrassing, isn’t it, ye crapaganda whores of the media, who had already written him off as either dead or out of office? He’s clearly neither, and I think he’s gonna last as long as Fidel. Maybe even longer.

BTW, Eva Golinger has a definitive analysis of the stupidities here. Read it and weep…or, if you’re like me, LAUGH. Because it has been quite the week watching them all making fools of themselves by predicting what did NOT come to pass, eh?

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