Short ‘n’ Stubby: The manipulation of Noam Chomsky

The Manx just let out a really plaintive, piercing yowl at me, and I don’t think it’s just because of this god-awful desert-like heat we’ve been having lately, either. I think she wants me to stop sitting on something, and just haul it out into the light of day for you.

And sure enough, there’s plenty…on Rory Carroll’s recent, despicable twisting of the words of Noam Chomsky, who, as we all know, is good friends with the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, and heartily approves of the way he runs the country. But, to hear Rory the Roaring Liar tell it, you’d think Chomsky had suddenly turned on his amigo Chavecito, and all over the case of one stinkingly corrupt judge who’s in the jailhouse now (and, says the Manx, quite rightly so.) Of course, the truth is very different, and here’s all the poop you need to know…

Venezuelanalysis, as usual, is terrific. They have both the facts on the Afiuni scandal, and a hilarious piece titled “Rory Rory Jackanory”, an exposé of the ridiculous Mr. Carroll, both of which you’d be a fool to miss. Ms. Manx gives ’em two paws up.

There was so much controversy over Carroll’s bullshit version that the UK Guardian decided to release the transcript of what was actually said. The Stumpie says it could not be more different from the story the lazy dreck-writer went to press with, and wonders why the Guardian still bothers with him at all.

Meanwhile, over at Dissident Voice, the good folks of Media Lens, the UK media watchdog organization, have offered their usual super-close analysis. Two paws up for that one, as well, says the Manx…especially the part where Chomsky hands another dishonest “dissident”, the infamous Alek Boyd, his ass.

Meanwhile, a bit closer to home, a Facebook amigo and fellow Canadian, Rick Kurt Gunderman, has written a terrific analysis of his own. He makes the valid point that even Chomsky, the best and most progressive of US intellectuals, is still a gringo at the end of the day and still bound, to some extent, by bourgeois gringo morality. He also sets out the real facts of the case (including, significantly, the fact that the arrest order for the former judge, Maria Lourdes Afiuni, did NOT come from the president, as we are being misled to believe) and warns that the kinder, gentler but still capitalist values of mainstream liberalism present constant stumbling blocks for the leftists who have given up on capitalism. While Rick is a communist, and the Manx is only a garden-variety socialist kitty herself, she can’t honestly disagree with any of that. Two paws up!

And finally, for those who can read Spanish, here’s a great piece in Patria Grande that should lay all doubts to rest. Its title: “Noam Chomsky ratifies his solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and explains that his declarations were twisted.” The Manx is very satisfied with that, and gives it four paws up. She adds that she would now LOVE a tummy rub.

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