The case for gun control…

…made in just under a minute, by a hair-triggered guy who’s not as quick on the draw as he thought he was.

Watch the slo-mo replay; you’ll see he blows out a pant leg. Best YouTube comment: “He missed his balls. His genes are still available. Shit.”

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4 Responses to The case for gun control…

  1. MoS says:

    They oughta brand people like that on the forehead with a capital “A” for asshole so sane people will know to steer clear. A real poster boy for the NRA.

  2. Polaris says:

    Arizona State Senator Lori Klein Points Cute Pink Loaded Gun With No Safety Catch At Reporter’s Chest.

    Almost anyone with a pulse is qualified to carry a gun in Arizona.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Yep, I saw that one yesterday. What an absolute IDIOT. She’s on my wank-list for this coming Saturday!

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