Wankers of the Week: Hack Attack edition


Crappy weekend, everybody! Anybody know if your phone was hacked? Because if it was, I have a sneaking suspicion who done it. He’s listed below…along with a few OTHER hackers (or wannabes), and a lot of people that I just can’t hack the sight of anymore…

1. Whoever the fuck is behind the tweet-rumor of Barack Obama’s assassination. As you can probably tell, His Barackness is still alive and well, with no gunshot wounds anywhere. I don’t know what point they were trying to prove (other than that FUX Snooze is a joke, which should be abundantly clear to anyone seeing their “news reporting”), but I do believe it’s an Epic Fail. Trolling is a wank, no matter who’s doing it or why. PS: Especially if the Secret Service has to get involved.

2. Giorgio Fucking Mammoliti. Oh, looky. Rob Ford’s homophobic pro-Israel bootlicker decided that the best way to celebrate Toronto’s Pride festivities…was to stalk the Dyke March with a camcorder. Looking for some hot girl-on-girl action, Georgie? Oh, I see what you were doing there: You were looking for “evidence” that the female QuAIA contingent, marching and chanting against Israeli apartheid, was “really” antisemitic. And now, based on your non-findings, you want to yank ALL the city’s Pride TO funding? I believe the phrase “vindictive little shit” just about covers it.

3. Yitzchok Fucking Zilberstein. Advising girls to injure their legs so they can “dress modestly” is just about as ridiculous as religion can get, short of killing all the unbelievers and saying that God told you to. (Which the Big Three patriarchies have all done, at one point or another; that’s why I’m a pagan. We have no such projections going on.) But you know what wouldn’t surprise me? If this same rabbi turned around and criticized Muslim girls for wearing veils. BTW, aren’t trousers modest, since they completely cover the legs? And don’t most girls prefer to wear jeans, anyway?


4. This fucking (unnamed) teabag in Kenfuckingtucky. Way to do your state “proud”, dillweed. But hey, at least your “Yup, I’m a racist” shirt is honest! Now how about also selling one that reads “Yup, I’m a stupid-ass inbred piece of shit”?

5. Michele Fucking Bachmann. Not only did she flunk her own country’s history, she flunks ours, too. AND economics. But the teabags (see #4) MUST have their joke candidate, so we all have to grit our teeth for about another year and a half before we get to breathe easy (and snicker). PS: Banning pornography? Great! Start with the Bible. It’s got more obscenity than Henry Miller and the Marquis de Sade combined. Rape, incest, murder, genocide, hate-mongering…it’s all in there! PPS: Nice defence of SLAVERY too, Bitchy Mitchie.

6. William Fucking Saletan. No, you pontificating twat, the Dominque Strauss-Kahn farce is NOT a “victory for justice”. For the very simple reason that justice has not been done, much less seen to be done. He should still be in jail, and instead, he’s getting off without even a slap on the wrist. Meanwhile, there is very real physical evidence that his victim was, indeed, raped. And now that’s probably not even going to make it into the legal record. In short, the system failed. And it failed precisely because he is a rich famous man, while she is Ms. Nobody — an immigrant who didn’t have the right puppy papers to prove her refugee claim (largely because trying to protect one’s daughter from genital mutilation isn’t considered grounds for granting refugee status — a sickeningly sexist view in itself). And for something as stupid as this, a credible rape charge is now going to be dropped. What the fuck kind of “victory for justice” is THAT? It might be a victory for a labyrinth of institutionalized impunity for wealthy white males, but that’s not justice.


7. Ghulam Nabi Fucking Azad. Most incompetent health minister on Earth? Quite possibly. At the very least, one of the worst-informed. For the umpteen hundred and umpty-umpth time, people: Homosexuality is NOT a disease. You can’t catch it, much less from “the decadent West”. It’s a natural variation, you are born with it, it can’t be erased, one person in ten has it, and it is thus quite natural and normal. And if you don’t believe me, ask any gay Indian. There are plenty of those, and always have been, since India is one of the most populous countries on Earth. And institutionalized homophobia does nothing to help the large population of HIV-infected people there; in fact, it actively hinders their seeking and getting help. PS: Late night TV is NOT a substitute for adequate birth control, either.

8. Adrian Fucking Lamo, AGAIN. Bradley Manning is “a traitor at best”? The US’s gunboat “diplomacy” and support of brutal Middle Eastern dictators is an effort to “make the world a better place”? What a dissociated fucking knob. Bradley Manning is a hero on so many fronts by now that it’s almost unbelievable: the “Collateral Murder” video has ripped off countless people’s blinders, the pro-war bloggers are in retreat because of it, and the leaked US embassy cable have triggered several of the Arab Spring revolts. This young soldier deserves to be freed from prison immediately. He also deserves a medal (obviously, NOT from his country’s government, but from some untainted source). Lamo, on the other hand, deserves all the derision he’s getting and then some.

9. David Fucking Duke. Yes, kiddies, he’s gonna run for president of the Confederate States of America. On the White Sheet Party ticket, natch. Hence the tour of only HALF the states…the other half, of course, being the Union. (And Christ, what’s with the hair? It looks like a possum died on his head!) PS: Hoo-WEE, look who just made himself unelectable! Thanks, Conspiracy Nut!


10. Michael Fucking Major. Dumbest little tool that ever “hacked”? Quite possibly. Using your own Facebook page to ping from is a great way of letting the FBI know exactly where to find you, dumbass. Also not smart: Shoplifting shoes, and harassing women, and then, when they complain that you threatened them, claiming they’re all just jealous bitches who are still hot for your oh-so-impressive scrawny little bod.

11. Kim Fucking Kardashian. Actually, she’s ALWAYS a wanker…but this sweet piece of pwnage was particularly well deserved:


And in case you wonder why, here you go. Yeah, SHE should talk, eh?

12. Bobby Fucking Jindal. What the fuck does “culture of life” mean? Basically, nothing…nothing less than the total humiliation, slut-shaming and outright criminalization of women, that is. Shame, SHAME on Louisiana for putting one more stupid, irrational abortion law in place, on top of all the other unnecessary abortion laws. And yes, abortion laws are ALL unnecessary. Mistrust of women should NEVER be legislated!

13. Rupert Fucking Murdoch. Crap journalism that fills people’s heads with false beliefs, false hopes and equally false fears has always been his stock in trade. Now, he’s likely to be found guilty of obstructing the investigation into the disappearance of 13-year-old Milly Dowler, whose body was only located 6 months later. The obstruction? A cellphone hack in which some old voice-mail messages directed to Milly were deleted, so that new ones could be received. This led to false hope that Milly was still alive and editing her voice-mails, when in all likelihood she was either already dead or unable to reach her phone. False hope for the parents, and false leads for the police — pure evil! But worst of all is that this was part of a regular process at Rupee’s dirty (and now defunct) tabloid, News of the World. Famous people’s phones were also hacked, in the hopes of gaining a hot scoop…and an unfair edge on the Fleet Street competition. Payback for this is gonna get sooooooo nasty. If it would only land Rupee in the poorhouse, so much the fucking better. But what are the odds? People, it’s time to boycott any and ALL Murdoch-owned media outlets. And put pressure on advertisers, too. It got Glenn Beck off the air, it can bring down the FUX Snooze house of cards.



14. Orrin Fucking Hatch. Unbefuckinglievable: He thinks the poor should pay off the debt? With WHAT? In case he doesn’t realize it yet, THEY HAVE NO MONEY. And if they don’t, guess who does…and whose job it therefore is to pay off the debt with what they stole from the poor? But ‘Bina, you may say, why get worked up about this? This is the right-wing solution to everything: Crush the poor, crush the poor, crush the poor. Get a job, you fucking bums. Don’t rely on social programs to help you make ends meet; learn to live with dangling ends, dammit! Because lord knows, the super-fucking-rich have it so much harder! Christ, their servants all have chronic hernias from lugging all those moneybags around. Don’t they get any sympathy at all? And why is it THEIR job to create jobs that will get the poor out of the hole, anyway? Oh yeah: Because they’re the fucking rich, the saviors of us all, according to Urine Hatch. That’s why. (Ain’t Repugnican logic wonderful? Tries to have it both ways, and ends up having it neither.)

15. Stephen Fucking Reeves. Obsess much? Yes, folks, he’s at it again. This time, trolling Antonia Zerbisias under a fake Twitter ID. How classy! Let’s see how long THAT lasts. PS: Antonia writes: “Stephen Reeves is my Internet stalker who has started two blogs about me although the most recent one has disappeared. He is a self-hating gay man who is into speaking Cornish and clearly a misogynist. Google his name and Cornish. Here is one of his personae on Twitter: http://www.facebook.com/l/lAQAc1geW/twitter.com/coynt He has been banned from various boards, forums and blogging software over the tears for abuse. He is also incredibly stupid because he leaves a trail not of breadcrumbs but of whole loaves. Here is his latest effort on me, now gone pouf. http://www.facebook.com/l/5AQCEMpBO/keltack.typepad.com/not_zerbisias/ If you go to the Internet Wayback Machine you will find a treasure trove of his crazy. keltack.typepad.com/ Now his latest blog describes him as a ”Gay Rebel” http://www.facebook.com/l/aAQBbZcO6/keltack.typepad.com/ If anybody would like his email addresses, I would be happy to supply them.” Thanks, that was very entertaining, but I think I’ll take a pass on the addies. The last thing I need is to be cyberstalked in Cornish.

16. Barbara Fucking Kay. She must have creamed her panty-girdle at the prospect of getting to “legitimately” shower her racist bile on none other than Alice Walker; it sounds like she’s been nursing a hate-on against her ever since The Color Purple came out. What a pity she chose to couch it in bogus factoids! As a matter of fact, Babs, Gaza is NOT “growing more prosperous by the day”. Unemployment now stands at close to 50%, thanks to population increases and workforce growth, and Israel’s deliberate choking of jobs for Gazans over 15 since the siege began in 2006. Oh, and wages in Gaza have dropped by half. And they’re being forced to buy mainly Israeli crap, since Israel controls everything that enters the borders. But then again, I guess you don’t care for the UN’s own findings. After all, if Israel says it, you believe it, and that settles it — eh, Babs? Oh, and how CLASSY of you to dredge up the troubled relationship of Alice Walker and her own daughter, as if it had anything to do with the subject. Always swing below the belt, that’s how to fight a clean fight for Israel!


17. Bristol Fucking Palin, AGAIN. Yawn, snzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Wake me up when her fifteen minutes are finally over, please. PS: And her mama. Jayzus.

18. David Fucking Britto. Cop of the year busted for dealing crystal meth. Last year, he busted 25 people in 18 narcotics cases. And worse, he was a mentor to troubled and at-risk kids! You just can’t make this shit up, can you?

19. Nat Fucking Rothschild. Excess much? And this, kiddies, in the face of a major recession in Merry Old England, where this bankster hails from. Students are getting their skulls cracked in the streets of London protesting the likes of him. Little wonder he’s fucked off to celebrate his big four-oh in the former Yugoslav republic of Montenegro, where nobody expects much of a trickle-down and the locals are too dispirited to revolt, eh? Now, I don’t believe in literally eating the rich; the cholesterol and triglycerides would play havoc with my arteries. But when the Revolution finally does come, and this one is strangled with the entrails of Rupee Murdoch, I get dibs on that fuckin’ swimming pool!

20. Fucking Twi-Hards. Srsly, these nerdy kids are fucking psycho. (Yes, I’m now officially Team Anti. Or Team Harry Potter, if you will.) I grew up in an age when vampires were evil, not emo. And none of them sparkled, and they certainly didn’t sell tinted lipgloss. They drank virgins’ blood, slept in coffins by day, turned into bats by night, terrorized the innocent, and got stakes driven through their hearts in the end, as any respectable vampire should. Any questions?


21. Fucking Aussie parliamentarians. Or at least the male ones, who seem to have developed an unseemly habit of meowing at their female counterparts. What fucking century is this, anyway? And what fucking species are YOU?

22. James Fucking Delingpole, AGAIN. Speaking of unseemly meowing, you know what I find nauseating — or, in your own words, “emetic” and “putrescent cant”? You sleazy corporatist crapaganda spouters with your wingnut-welfare columns, where you get paid big bucks to be a complete know-nothing at the top of your wheezy widdle lungs. You are a disgrace to politics and journalism both. And your “opinions” are a disgrace to the whole concept of thought. Get a REAL job, why don’t you? Start with basic shoe-leather journalism, the kind that deals in actual facts — a concept utterly foreign to you, I know, but trust me, it’ll do you good. And stop your fucking whining, you effete little simp. There is absolutely no such thing as “a thoughtful piece in defence of tabloid journalism”! That’s because all tabloid “journalism” is a sinecure for the richest right-wing bastards of all (i.e. not you, Jimmy-boy) to hide behind the constantly swirling miasma of class envy and Schadenfreude that they stoke among poor working-class chumps against celebrities. Who, truth be told, are nowhere near as rich, powerful or privileged as the anonymous tycoons actually running the show. And that’s one scandal we’ll never hear any tabloid newsman tell. Why would they, when there are phones to be hacked, private lives to be invaded, and class resentments to be stoked in the name of false populism, with nary a word of serious analysis (because that would be Marxist) to make sense of it all? Yeah, Jimbo, cry us a fucking river about how we evil, horrible, sickening lefties are not in favor of free speech and open, honest debate. I bet you’ve never opened a Socialist Worker in your life for fear of what you’d find within (and quite rightly; they deal in FACT). Hence this ridiculous strawman argument, which has become your entire stock in trade. How about telling us how much the Torygraph pays you to spin such utter bunkum? That is, when you’re done trying to silence us all with your emetic, putrescent (and downright supercilious) cant?

23. Peter Fucking Lucas Fucking Moses. Why the double Fucking? Because he’s a double fucking murderer. He killed a woman who couldn’t carry his demon seed, and who wanted out of his cult (can we please stop calling those bastard organizations “religious groups”, BTW?), and a little boy — the latter, allegedly, for “acting gay”. I think the real reason he killed them both was because neither one fed his obscene narcissism adequately. The one showed signs of infertility (and potential independence); the other, rather than actually being a “fruit”, was simply not the fruit of this neo-Koresh’s over-active loins. Can’t have THAT in the cult, can we?


And finally, to the abusive hasbaroid from the UK, who posted here as both “Colin West” and “Rita Pelagrini”. Also “Ritaroo”, “Trixi”, “Eduardo”, and “Tracy” (the last ones, from other IPs, all banned unpublished, seeing as you’ve already had your three strikes, and are awfully slow on the uptake). “Eduardo”, the last incarnation of the troll (at this writing, anyway) calls Israel “THE ONLY MORAL STATE IN THE MIDDLE EAST”. Ain’t he a SCREAM?

Now, here’s the punchline: If the Old Testament is anything to go by, land theft by displacement is nothing new for Israel. (Canaanites, anyone?) The modern state of Israel was founded by Irgun and Stern Gang terrorists; that much is well known. How moral is that? They’ve been stealing Palestinian territories away from those who have lived there for centuries, inch by inch. They engage in a blockade which international legal experts (such as Craig Murray, an expert on sea law) find to be ILLEGAL. They let in just a few paltry supplies, which happen to be nowhere near demand levels, apparently only to get the UN off their backs. (Yeah, that’ll work!) And they damaged the flotilla’s propellers in such a way that the ships could have sunk, killing all on board. AND they buy off the debt-stricken Greek government (for thirty shekels of silver?) to make sure any undamaged vessels don’t leave their moorings. (That’s not including what they did in Dubai a little while back, which is not merely potentially murderous, it is MURDER.)

What the hell kind of “morality” is that? If that’s what you call “moral”, I’d hate to see your idea of immoral.

Whatever your real name is, you’re wasting your long-winded efforts here. And you only embarrass yourself when you call me a fool. (Projection, yeronner!) I’m well versed in Israel’s state-crime history, and getting more so all the time. If I ever want to hear what Boy Scouts the Mossad and the IDF and all the old war criminals squatting in the Knesset are, I will do my own damn googling, thankyouverymuch.

Good night, and get fucked!

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13 Responses to Wankers of the Week: Hack Attack edition

  1. Selma says:

    Lol, the Irgun and Stern Gang were actually criticised by the majority of the Zionist movement, including Ben Gurion (bet you don’t even know who he is). Trust you to tar all Zionist movements with the same brush. You and your disgusting blog reeks of anti-Semitism. You and your racist Latuff cartoons (yeah, the man who enters competitions to see who can draw the best piss-take Holocaust cartoon) speak for themselves. I hope you contract a serious bout of face cancer you spiteful little BITCH. I had a right laugh reading of how you were bullied at school – it explains a lot you fucking disgusting CUNT.




    Even the lunatic leftist Israel-hater Robert Fisk thinks that comparing Israel and the Nazis is wrong.



    READ SOME HISTORY INSTEAD OF REPEATING TIRED OLD PROPAGANDA PHRASES. I bet you haven’t read a single HISTORY book about the Israel conflict at all, have you? Bitch. BITCH.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      “Bitch. BITCH.”

      LOL, I love it. Keep digging that hole, “Selma”, you silly old troll. The more wimpy “bad” names you call me, the more they reflect back on you. Three fingers, etc.

      BTW, I have read history. Ilan Pappé, Norman Finkelstein. And a lot of other perfectly straight stuff that still makes Israel look like an apartheid state, which it is. I never compared them to Nazi Germany, BTW. South Africa will do, and even South Africans can see the resemblance.

      FYI, you’re still banned under your new name (and gender). I just put this up because it’s in the appropriate section — WANKERS. That’s YOU. Now take a hint, and fuck off.

  2. Patrick says:

    PAPPE AND FINKELSTEIN!? Don’t make me laugh you silly cow! http://spme.net/cgi-bin/articles.cgi?ID=7814

    PS, Finkelstein is a polemicist, not a historian. You’ve just destroyed any credibility you had on this conflict by stating Norman Finkelstein is a historian!

    I suggest you read the link provided above. And these…



    Why don’t you read a real history book like Benny Morris’ “Righteous Victims” or his excellent “The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem”?

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Oh, now you’re “Patrick”? How clever, you’ve changed your gender, but you still use an “oo” in your fake e-mails. This is making you look more and more moral all the time.

      Banned. And still a fucking wanker. But I’ll leave your comment up so others can attack its lack of veracity.

      PS: “Silly cow”. You’re really SILLY to think I’d be COWed by a person of inferior intelligence calling me that. And you can spare me your crapaganda sites, I know them all. I’m not fooled by a single one. “Isracampus”. What a fucking joke!

  3. Crossgender Person says:

    Morris’ book on the birth of the refugee problem can be found here – http://tinyurl.com/6zvg92s.

    Another interesting read here. http://tinyurl.com/633pdyu

    PS, some quotes from anti-Apartheid figures from South Africa.

    ” the equivalence simply isn’t true. Israel is not an apartheid state. Israel’s human rights record in the occupied territories, its settlement policy, and its firm responses to terror may sometimes warrant criticism. And Prime Minister Ehud Olmert himself recently warned that Israel could face an apartheid-style struggle if it did not reach a deal with the Palestinians and end the occupation in the West Bank. But racism and discrimination do not form the rationale for Israel’s policies and actions. Arab citizens of Israel can vote and serve in the Knesset; black South Africans could not vote until 1994. There are no laws in Israel that discriminate against Arab citizens or separate them from Jews. Unlike the United Kingdom, Greece, and Norway, Israel has no state religion, and it recognizes Arabic as one of its official languages.” – SO SAID BLACK SOUTH AFRICANS WHO FOUGHT AGAINST APARTHEID, NAMED KADALIE, RHODA AND JULIE BERTELSMANN (http://www.z-word.com/z-word-essays/franchising-%25E2%2580%259Capartheid%25E2%2580%259D%253A-why-south-africans-push-the-analogy.html?page=1)


    “In any event, what is racism? Under apartheid it was skin colour. Applied to Israel that’s a joke: for proof of that, just look at a crowd of Israeli Jews and their gradations in skin-colour from the “blackest” to the “whitest”… Occupation is brutalising and corrupting both Palestinians and Israelis… [b]ut it is not apartheid. Palestinians are not oppressed on racial grounds as Arabs, but, rather, as competitors — until now, at the losing end — in a national/religious conflict for land.” SO SAID BENJAMIN POGRUND, A MAJOR PLAYER IN ANTI-APARTHEID MOVEMENTS


    “Calling Israel an ‘apartheid state’ is absolute nonsense. You might have structures that look like apartheid, but they’re not. The barrier fence has nothing to do with apartheid and everything to do with Israel’s self-defense. There was no such barrier until the second intifada, when people were being murdered on the highways. And the country does not dehumanize its minority in the sense of apartheid. The issues are totally different.” – SO SAID MALCOLM HEDDING, A FIGHTER AGAINST APARTHEID.


    “Do Israel’s Arab citizens suffer from disadvantage? You better believe it. Do African Americans 10 minutes from the Berkeley campus suffer from disadvantage – you better believe it, too. So should we launch a Berkeley Apartheid Week, or should we seek real ways to better our societies and make opportunity more available…Vilification and false labeling is a blind alley that is unjust and takes us nowhere…You deny Israel the fundamental right of every society to defend itself…Your criticism is willfully hypocritical….You are betraying the moderate Muslims and Jews who are working to achieve peace…To the organizers of Israel Apartheid Week I would like to say: If Israel were an apartheid state, I would not have been appointed here, nor would I have chosen to take upon myself this duty.”


  4. Crossgender Person says:

    PS, “Scholars for Peace in the Middle East” is not a propaganda site. Benny Morris is a New Historian (like Pappe) who is quoted by people on both sides of the debate – including Finkelstein. If you grab your copy of any Finkelstein book related to Israel, you’ll find in his footnotes that he sources Benny Morris.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      My, but you are an obsessive little wanker, aren’t you. And “Crossgender Person”, now, with a totally fake email address consisting only of OOOOOOOs? Banned. Don’t expect me to take anything you say seriously. You’re just one little troll, hiding behind numerous fake IDs. You are not legion, and you also have a reading comprehension problem. How about attacking what *I* said about Israel in the post above, not what others whom you apparently dislike have said that you can’t handle? Truth hurting you, Jakey Fucking Pearson?

  5. Anthony says:

    The grown-ups are in charge now, Dick Cheney claimed. Too bad this breed of right-wingers are inspired by Eric Cartman rather than actual conservatism in their political “arguments”, as ‘Selma’ shows us.

    “I hope you contract a serious bout of face cancer you spiteful little BITCH. I had a right laugh reading of how you were bullied at school – it explains a lot you fucking disgusting CUNT.”

    And yet, the same right-wingers will come on this blog and complain about the *left* being hateful. All that’s missing now at this point is that Hungarian with her insane “the child of your mother” ravings to make this nutjob orchestra complete.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Funny, but right after I typed my last reply to the troll (singular, though it would have us think it is plural), it suddenly got very quiet. Maybe because I called it by its right name, and challenged it to respond to ME, not a strawman, as is its usual wont. Yes, folks, Jake Fucking Pearson was in the house again. Google him sometime, he runs a rancid right-wing nutblog called “Little Little Rants”, if I’m not mistaken. And he’s obsessed with li’l ol’ me, too. Probably because real women don’t like him very much, and even Rubber Rita has given up the ghost after too much abuse from him. Poor Jakey! He’ll never win my love that way. I’m not a masochist, you see.

  6. Jim Hadstate says:

    And how much would you care to wager that this particular disgusting, perverted cretin is in reality a paid agent of the IDF or Mossad or AIPAC or any of the myriad of alphabet soup of Israeli governmental entities and their paid haters whose job it is to have their blog crawlers set to find anything that mentions Palestine, Palestinian, Gaza, War Crimes, Slaughter, White Phosphorous and so on. And then spread the intellectually indefensible party-line Likkud likes to spread.
    And no, sadly these people have no shame. And please notice that I pointedly did not reference Judaism, Judaic, Jewish, Jew, Zionist or any other term that could connect the rogue state of Israel with a peaceful religion.
    The wingnuts who have control of the Israeli government do their best to spread the fiction that “Israel” and “Jewish” are one and the same. Sorry folks. That line of reasoning would put you in bed with your friends the Iranians, the Saudi’s and the Taliban. And I happen to know a great many Jews who take issue with “Israel” speaking for them on religious matters.
    No, Israel is nothing more or less than a third world totalitarian government with no true universal rights for all the citizens it claims to “govern”; that oppresses minorities (who are actually majorities who the Israeli government is doing its best to commit the genocide of that majority to make itself the only group); commits war crimes and does so with impunity because it plays upon the guilt of the “leaders” in the so-called Western World who could have and should have stopped Hitler when they could have and should have prevented the horrific disaster that the same group of people who were the object of the attempted genocide then are now committing the very same upon the Palestinians.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Jim, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Jakey is no more a real Jew than Osama bin Laden was a real Muslim. He’s just using the trappings to play the aggrieved victim while engaging in bullying of the most disgusting kind. But I don’t think he’s honestly bright enough to be a paid troll; just look at how much more posting I deprived him of by blowing his “cover”. I think he does this strictly for his own sadistic pleasure — witness the insults. Everything is directed straight at my female bits. Something I don’t suspect would fly when it comes to the prudes in charge of the Likud Party. They want to look clean and Boy Scout-ish. Jakey’s portapotty mouth would never pass muster. Too bad for Jakey!

  7. Selma says:

    Perhaps Palestinians suffer unreasonably? I’d love to see a nation more lenient toward terrorists and enemies than Israel. Poor Palestinians! Under Israeli oppression, they breed at one of the world’s highest rates and boast the highest economic growth among Muslim populations not endowed with oil-wealth. And certainly, the UN “human rights” pundits have no more pressing concerns in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, or any of dozens of other countries, that they have devoted more than 90 percent of their resolutions to criticism of Jews.

    Then, there are roadblocks. Standing in line is not really suffering, but let’s ignore the semantic difference. Israel maintains the checkpoints with the sole purpose of intercepting terrorists who fight for the Palestinian people. Indeed, Palestinians vote for the terrorists’ political wings. So the Palestinians themselves, rather than Israel, are to blame for the roadblocks.

    There are squalid refugee camps. Not exactly of refugees, but of their fourth-generation descendants whom UNRWA, through generous aid, discourages from resettling. Real refugee camps—there are many in Africa—are much worse than the Palestinian ones, which are more like city slums than camps. Even a cursory look at the camps near Schem reveals a curious picture: empty land is plentiful but the camps are horrendously overcrowded. The Arab-occupied Schem (Nablus), just near the refugee camp, has a normal building-density. Also near the camp is a private community built by Arafat for his accomplices. The culprits behind the refugee camps are the Arabs. They exploit the camps for PR purposes, but they don’t want the degraded criminal mob to swarm their towns. When Sharon attempted to resettle Gaza’s refugees in the West Bank, local villagers drove them off.


    No critic of Israel is actually concerned about Palestinians. Why Palestine, of all nations? Many peoples suffer much more than Palestinians. Where were the cries for justice during the Iran-Iraq war, which saw chemical weapons used on population centers? Who condemns Algerian Islamists for butchering their own population? What about Angola, Chad, Burma, North Korea, and dozens of other countries with atrocious human rights records? The UN adopts more resolutions condemning alleged Israeli abuses than those of all other nations combined. In fact, no Palestinian advocate seriously condemns the Palestinians for murdering Jews—which they did well before we liberated Judea and Samaria in 1967. Or did the pogroms of 1864, 1922, 1929, and 1936 somehow anticipate the Israeli expansion of 1967?

    Palestinian repression is a myth on par with blood libel.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      JAKE FUCKING PEARSON, are you completely out of your fucking gourd? I thought I told you to fuck off. How slow ARE you? If you hate me so much, just don’t fucking visit my blog! How hard IS that? Do I have to screen-cap every page of your rancid fucking blog where you libel me, and expose it to the world (not to mention a lawyer)? Is that what it takes to get rid of your moronic, lying ass? Because if you’re not above doing that to a woman you’ve never met, then I’m not above going into the Wayback Machine on YOU, either. And I know just what I’ll find there!

      Palestinian repression is a fact right before our very eyes, and never more so than at this moment, when the Knesset has just passed the most repressive anti-speech law I’ve seen short of you-know-fucking-where. And you call yourself a libertarian? “Liberate” THIS, you fucking hypocrite.

      You must really WANT to be a punching bag, since you keep coming back in one incarnation more fucking dissociated than the next. Fine, I’ll play. From now on, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, you write lands in my spam filter, no matter who you pretend to be. The confirmation e-mails, however, will be saved, and everything screen-capped just to show you for a serial harasser who can’t take a message. If you’re smart, though, you’ll get lost. For good.

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