If a bankster falls in the forest…

…it makes the odd news headlines:

“Shark in a boat” seems so last month. Now it’s “shark in the forest.”

A call to police reporting an unusual odor on Thursday night led New Hampshire authorities to find a shark decomposing in the forest, WMUR-9 reports.

According to The Associated Press, the six- to eight-foot blue shark was found in the Milton township, located approximately 45 minutes from the ocean.

Gui Leighton, of Milton, told WMUR-9, “You think you’d see a deer out in the woods on the ground but a shark, that’s unheard of.”

Police say they suspect that somebody caught the shark while fishing, and decided to abandon it by dragging it into the wooded area.

According to PBS Online, blue sharks are one of the most common open ocean sharks, and rarely come near the coast.

People, please…keep your banksters locked up in the city. Preferably in max-security prisons.

All kidding aside, though, there’s all kinds of weirdness out in them thar woods, as the article goes on to add:

There have been some unusual rescues in the woods recently. Animal rights advocates reported on Sunday finding over 30 malnourished dogs in a wooded area of Quebec, Canada, the Canadian Press reports. A 28-year-old art teacher was also recently found in the woods, having survived for three days after falling down a hill and breaking her leg and at least two bones in her back.

Save the art teachers — eat the banksters!

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