“If you see me in the street”

A spoken-word poem worth taking to heart about just how unpleasant it is to be a woman in public. (And yes, I can vouch for just about everything she says, except maybe the bit about cigarettes; I’m a militant non-smoker.)

BTW, if you think she’s paranoid and oversensitive, take a look at what’s “recommended” by the mindless software at YouTube in conjunction with this:

Of all the recommended videos, only one — the fourth in the list — is actually relevant (another video by the same young woman). The rest are all voyeuristic drivel. And some appear to have been taken without the consent of the women who appear in them. YouTube is clogged with this kind of law-skirting crap.

But yeah, this girl is just totally blowing things out of proportion, isn’t she?

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2 Responses to “If you see me in the street”

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    Bravo, ‘Bina, Bravo! That young woman has great talent, a great message and an explosively powerful style of delivering her message. She has the makings of the next great poet: intelligence, a command of language, something to say to the world (obviously on more than one subject) and (best of all) the internal fortitude to deliver it in a style and manner that is uniquely her own.

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Didja see the comments at the YouTube site, Jim? Full of the usual imbecilic “who’d want to sleep with you, anyway, you ugly feminist” crap from spiteful misogynists. Christ, it’s like the schoolyard in Grade 7 all over again. We women sure have our work cut out for us…

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