The bald truth about Chavecito’s new look

Something’s missing in this picture of the president of Venezuela. But what?

Oh, I know. It’s his hair!

Like many a chemotherapy patient, Chavecito has opted for the quicker, tidier solution of simply buzzing it all off, rather than waiting for it to fall out in clumps (which can be a disconcerting experience even when you’re expecting it). Since his usual ‘do is very close-cropped anyway (a holdover from his army days), it’s not a terribly traumatic change. And once the chemo is done, it will all grow back in no time. Some chemo patients report that their hair comes back darker and curlier than it was before, but since Chavecito’s hair is already black and afro-curly by nature, I don’t think it will look any different when it grows in again.

And, in the meantime, Richard from Mexfiles sends me this timely reminder of what women really think about chrome-domed dudes:

With hair or without, Chavecito is sexy. And that’s the bald truth.

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