Music for a Sunday: Hast du etwas Zeit für mich?

An only slightly fanciful version of how stupid the Cold War mentality could get. Germany was caught in the middle of it all, and Germans (including this Canadian one) were heartily sick of the posturing, brinksmanship, and general nonsense from both sides. Only now, much later, can we see why: Given that the NORAD jets on 9-11 were still following instructions more than a decade out of date (to disastrous effect), it’s not much of a stretch to say that cold wars could turn hot over next to nothing, and innocent people would always pay the cost while the real villains hunkered safely in their bunkers. (Or, if you prefer, an Undisclosed Location.)

The English translation isn’t as witty and biting as the original (ah, the joys of multilingualism!), but it’s not bad, and it still gets the basic gist across:

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