Short ‘n’ Stubby: Ms. Manx takes on Wall St.

The Stumpy Cat has been rather busy of late, chasing mice, moles, voles and chipmunks out in the garden. But she’s sticking her cyber-head in now to meow at me. Which is a sure sign that she’s found something out there besides rodents. Whatcha got for us, kitty?

First up, Ms. Manx has a Facebook note she wants you to read. Wall St. is being occupied by thousands of protesters. And where is the media? The Manx scornfully notes that cats have an undeserved reputation for sleeping at all hours, but it’s really the capitalist press that deserves the bad rap.

Thankfully, the alternative media is stepping in to fill the gaps, as Allison Kilkenny does, very nicely, at The Nation. Ms. Manx gives her a big paws-up.

And finally (for now, anyhow), the Manx would like to offer, for your perusal, an astonishing Salon piece on how the language of Wall Street has invaded everything, right up to and including our love lives. If ever there were a reason to shut the damn thing down for good, the commodification of sex and love ought to be IT, says the Stumpie.

PS: The Manx just pawed this up (thanks, Antonia Z!):

Note the rich bitches laughing on the balcony with their trophy wimmin. They and their booze did not stay out there long.

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