Festive Left Friday Blogging: Healthy, handsome and back at home

Does this man look to you like he’s only got two years left? Or that he’s already had one ghastly near-death experience, allegedly requiring emergency kidney dialysis?

Me neither.

Suck it up, haters and rumormongers — Chavecito is on the rebound, and he’s not going anywhere. Except, you know, all the usual places that he goes when doing that presidential duty of his.

Meanwhile, the doctor who claimed Chavecito’s only got two years left and isn’t telling anyone, has left the country, making vague excuses. In disgrace, most likely, although you won’t be reading THAT in the lamestream whore media up here anytime soon. (Same reason why all the unnamed “experts” in the bizmedia aren’t willing to show their faces; they’ll be laughed out of town, and they know it.) More likely he’ll just prattle on how his life is in danger in Venezuela. Suuuuuure it is…if it’s actually possible to literally die of embarrassment. But anyone who thinks someone will be killed in Venezuela merely for uttering slanderous bullshit about the president hasn’t been paying much attention to what’s really happening to the local whore media down there, who are all so stupid that they can’t tell a fine apart from state censorship — and who have the gall to scream this over the public airwaves 24/7/365, utterly uncensored.

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