Heroes for Today: Alan Grayson

Don’t you love how, in just a minute and a half, he shuts up a whole table full of rightards with nothing but the facts? (And yeah, how about that prick in the green, P.J. O’Rourke? He hauls out every tired right-wing media stereotype of hippies, but doesn’t describe a single leftist that I’ve actually met, hippies included. Someone kindly inform him that we leftists are more likely to be clean and sober and educated than HIS trough-swilling ilk, whom we don’t call “pigs” for nothing.)

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2 Responses to Heroes for Today: Alan Grayson

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    It is mean, and ad homonym, but I gotta say it: Bina, the green tie dude’s name is B.J. O’Dork.

    Let us at least get the facts correct.

    Seriously, though, the way this dorkus cringed when Grayson brought truth to the discussion is very telling.

    They commerce in lies and pimp cynicism as an attitudinal gesture that cloaks the naked barbarity of their story, their lack of a game-plan that is sane and cogent.

    Why was Grayson so outnumbered on this program? Too make it fair?

    • Sabina Becker says:

      LOL, mea culpa. He IS a dork. Looks like he just dragged himself out of the gutter outside a pub, or something.

      And yeah, looks like they went for the strength-in-numbers thing. It takes that many liars to “balance” a truth-teller. Too bad that one Alan Grayson is still too much for the lot of them. I’m told he got a huge ovation for it, although it’s cut off in this video.

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