How to have sex in an MRI scanner

A Dutch scientist from the University of Groningen enlists two friends to help him find out (a) whether sex in an MRI machine is feasible, and (b) what can be learned from it. As it turns out, the answers are (a) yes, and (b) plenty.

And, despite the fact that this bit of sexytimes-for-science won an Ig Nobel prize, it’s not a Stupid Sex Trick at all. Among the fascinating insights it provides, we learn that an erect penis isn’t in fact straight, it’s bowed, “like a boomerang”! It also moves about quite a bit within the man’s pelvis during penetration, which must feel incredibly…interesting. (Almost gives me penis envy, which I normally haven’t the slightest bit of!)

As for what position they used to overcome that claustrophobic location, you’re gonna have to watch the video. That is all.

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