Peter Kent, ignorant SupposiTory hack

Q. How does one get to be Minister of the Environment without any scientific knowledge whatsoever?

A. By being a faithful, appointed HarpoCon hack beforehand, and then coasting into office on that.

BTW, Peter Kent hates Venezuela. So it’s no surprise that he has scant respect for anything on Earth that he can’t see and that isn’t right under his supercilious nose.

He was also a craptacular hack as a journalist, BTW. His younger brother, nicknamed “The Scud Stud” during Gulf War I, got all the brains in the family, and all the reportorial chops, as well as all the looks.

But hey! I guess being rewarded with a cushy cabinet post where all you have to do is rubber-stamp everything from the oilpatch, and say “Yes, Prime Minister” a lot, makes up for all that somehow. Just too bad we poor Canadians have to sit though forehead-smacking bits of stupidity like this one.

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