Piñera’s prostitute

Oh, Chile. What is happening to you? When the capitalist whores are literally coming out of the woodwork, you KNOW you’ve got a corrupt, ruined country. And look! Here comes one now:

The famous “lady of company”, María Carolina, was invited to appear on the TV program, “True Lies”, where, true to her style, she fanned the flames of controversy by revealing details about her profession.


“I’m a right-winger, and I love the government of Sebastián Piñera”, confessed María Carolina, adding that “it might be contradictory, but I’m conservative, I was educated by nuns, and I’m homophobic. I’m against gay marriage.”

Regarding her aspirations to a seat in the National Congress, the escort spoke of the colors she would like to represent: “I would love to be a deputy for the UDI [Piñera’s party].”


Since she has no problems telling the secrets of others, María Carolina leaves no doubt as to the characteristics of her own clients.

“All are people with lots of money and who travel a lot. Sometimes we’d go to other countries together,” she said.


“I’ve also had clients in Congress. All from the right, some married and others separated.” She says that they are only conservatives outside of bed.

And just to put the icing on the cake, the controversial María Carolina assured that “I’m familiar with the Moneda Palace. Very familiar.”

Translation mine.

Isn’t that something? María Carolina is as much as saying that she has done her shady business in the presidential palace of the nation. With whom, one wonders?

It may seem contradictory for a “lady of company” (what a lovely euphemism, that!) to declare herself a conservative, but actually, it makes perfect sense. Just as it makes sense that all her clients are conservatives, too. It’s not so much that only conservatives are so terribly rich (leftists can be, too); it’s more that only they are repressed and hypocritical enough to have the madonna/whore complex that requires them to play the family man before the cameras, and the john behind the scenes.

Socially and sexually liberal types, such as the communists María Carolina professes to abhor, are less likely to want or need the services of a callgirl. And certainly not as hypocritical as to divide women into two classes: those you marry, and those you pay to schtup. They are more likely to marry for love rather than money. They are thus also more likely to have sex before marriage, and satisfying sex within it. And thus, they are far less likely to pay for extra on the side. And were they to do so, they are far more likely to have pains of conscience about it.

I wish I could say I were shocked, SHOCKED that a prostitute wanted to represent Piñera’s party in the Chilean congress, but I’m not even a little bit surprised. Shoot, what’s one more money-grubbing harlot in there? At least this one is open about her real profession. The rest lack her refreshing, if somewhat repulsive, bluntness.

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