Quotable: Sir John A. Macdonald on US imperialism

Image by Tigana Too.

Yes, my Latin American amig@s, it’s true. Nosotr@s, l@s canadienses, somos el OTRO patio trasero de los EEUU. We’re the US’s OTHER backyard, and we’ve been just as much subject to their imperialism as you. So far, we’ve been luckier keeping them off our necks.

There are two reasons why they don’t send in the Marines and do to us what they did to you. One is we’re geographically bigger. The world’s longest border is undefended for a reason: It’s undefendable.

And the other reason? We’re the only people in history to get away with torching the White House.

Mind you, that was nearly 200 years ago. And our current government, for all the lip service it pays to that war, has actually forgotten its lessons on sovereignty. But still.

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1 Response to Quotable: Sir John A. Macdonald on US imperialism

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    Well yes, but don’t get too comfortable with that status. Your current Prime Minister seems to have his hearts desire set on becoming the 51st or maybe the 51st through 60th state(s). Such an objective achieved would give him a permanent orgasm from now until he died. Which may not be too long if the warnings on the Viagra, Ciagra and Levitis ads are correct!

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