Toronto Zoo’s gay penguins go viral

By now you’ve surely heard of Buddy and Pedro, the two adorable little African penguins at the Toronto Zoo who’ve struck up an adorable little same-sex pair bond but are being separated in order to mate their “top-notch genes” with those of eligible females? Well, their plight has gone viral, thanks to the famous Taiwanese animators:

Not sure where the “jackass” bit comes in, or the heehaw. But I hear the lovebirds will be reunited once breeding season is over. No word yet on whether either one will be able to do the deed with a lady penguin, or whether they’ll just pine for each other and have to become sperm donors for artificial insemination instead. Or how the zoo plans to work that, should worse come to worst.

But it does go to show you that LGBT critters are everywhere. EVERYWHERE, people.

EDIT, Wednesday, November 9, 9:58: Looks like I scooped the Toronto Star on this one. Their story just came out. Ha, ha.

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1 Response to Toronto Zoo’s gay penguins go viral

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    This sounds like a hard PENguin problem for the reproductive plans of the zoo.

    BTW, I like the Michelle Bachmann touch with her closet-case husband trying to pray the penguins straight. Nice!

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