Two to tango

Q. When dancing the tango with a same-sex partner, who should take the lead?

A. Who cares? This handsome twosome seemed quite happy to take turns at it, when they were thinking about it at all. Being on an equal footing doesn’t make it any less a tango, does it now?

BTW, those side-by-side and back-to-back moves weren’t strictly Argentine; you’re supposed to face your partner virtually nonstop, which is the secret behind the tango’s romantic sexiness. But then again, those guys WERE from Barcelona. How about these lovely ladies from Buenos Aires?As you can see, they stuck true to form. Very gracefully and elegantly, too.

And for those who wonder if same-sex tango is anything new: It isn’t. At least, not for men. Since Argentine gauchos were often far from female company when out on the cattle range, they had no one to dance with but each other…and who knows, maybe some of them even preferred it that way.

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