Festive Left Friday Blogging: Flamengo comes to Bolivia

…and Evo had a great time meeting one of the great Brazilian soccer team’s heroes (and his own too, no doubt), Ronaldinho:

Evo also presented Ronaldinho with a special medal for his outstanding contribution to South American sportsmanship:

And there was a friendly match between Flamengo and a local team, Universitario de Sucre, at which Ronaldinho undoubtedly shone:

Bonus: Here’s a little song by Jorge Ben, which pretty much sums up Brazilian pride in teams like Flamengo (and other fun things about life in a tropical country):

“I live in a tropical country/Blessed by God and beautiful by nature/In February there’s Carnival/I have a Fusca and a guitar/I root for Flamengo and my girlfriend’s name is Tereza…”

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