Short ‘n’ Stubby: Ms. Manx swats SOPA

What’s that meowing I hear? A cyber-kitty with a massive pet peeve…named SOPA. Whatcha got for us, Ms. Manx?

First up, the Stumpy Cat would like to direct our attention to all the hypocrites endorsing this bad legislation. She thinks this begs a lot of questions, not least of which is: Do they not see the IRONY?

Next, the Manx would like you to consider the implications of SOPA and its bastard twin, PIPA, for Canada. The worst of them all is that unelected US corporations have basically stolen for themselves the right to write OUR laws for us. Say, isn’t that a kind of piracy right there? asks the Manx…

And then there’s The Pirate Bay’s take, which is as witty, funny, and subversive as you’d expect it to be.

It comes as no surprise to Ms. Manx that Mark Zuckerberg opposes SOPA/PIPA, too. But not for the same reasons. Remember, he’s the guy who steals your personal data to sell it to advertisers. So, really, this only stands to reason.

Meanwhile, Anonymous have been doing yeoman’s work again for the 99%, who need Internet freedom like they need air. Ms. Manx gives them two big paws up.

And finally, if you’re in the mood for a chuckle (or just in the mood, period), Ms. Manx suggests you check out what Elephant Journal has to say about the SOPA struggle, which has only just begun.

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