Clip ‘n’ Save: US foreign policy in a nutshell

This might also come in handy for the Harper Government™ hacks and apologists lurking here, seeing as you’re all trying to turn us into Yanks Lite with your dirty, smear-mongering politics. BTW, if you want to know where to start for Venezuela, it’s on the LEFT. Pay attention and memorize this, because you never know when reality will throw you a pop quiz. This concludes today’s tutorial. Any questions?

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2 Responses to Clip ‘n’ Save: US foreign policy in a nutshell

  1. Jim Hadstate says:

    As usual, you have nailed US foreign policy right on its little pointed head. And ‘Bina has made it clear, over and over and over, but I will try one more time. Hugo Chavez is NOT a dictator. He was elected by an overwhelming margin, more than ANY US President had in ANY election. And the election was supervised by over 140 governmental and NGO’s who all declared that they could not find ANY indication of ANY irregularities in the election. So keep ‘Bina’s list, because it is the most accurate assessment of Foggy Bottom that there is today.
    You rock, ‘Bina!!

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