Henrique Capriles Radonski: Neither victim nor victor

Remember this picture? The lamestream media up here don’t want you to. According to them, this silly poser, who pretended to be a Communist while in China for the Beijing Olympics, is The Man Who Will Beat Hugo Chávez, assuming that the allegedly rampant anti-semitism in Venezuela doesn’t make him the victim of a one-man pogrom before the campaign wraps up. But while the increasingly irrelevant Wiesenthalers and ADL soil themselves to no end over Henrique Capriles Radonski, and over the horrible “pig” insult allegedly lobbed at his head by you-know-who (in the presence of Sean Penn, no less!), here’s the unglamorous truth about his poll numbers:

A recent poll of presidential voting intentions by International Consulting Services (ICS) puts Hugo Chavez at 58.2% support and Capriles Radonski at 34.5%.

Ooooooo, that’s gotta hurt.

And just for good measure, here’s how Venezuelans really feel about socialism:

A January study by polling firm International Consulting Services (ICS) has shown that 53% of Venezuelans think that the kind of socialism promoted by the current president Hugo Chavez is a political and economic system that guarantees the development of the country. Meanwhile, the same polling organisation found if the 7 October presidential elections were held tomorrow Chavez would be re-elected with 58.2% of the vote.

Juan Scorza, director of ICS, said in a television interview that “the belief that this is a positive system for the country has been reinforced,” and pointed out that only 21% believe that capitalism is the system that would guarantee development for the country.

“Between socialism and capitalism, it is clear Venezuelans prefer socialism,” he stated. With regard to social programs, or missions, Venezuelans gave a positive appraisal of 80%.

“This concept of socialism is that all recent [government] measures, like the Law on Fair Costs and Prices, new missions, and protection to workers are creating an environment in which there is collective benefit and that’s how people perceive it,” he said.

As for problems, the director highlighted that 52.9% of Venezuelans see insecurity as the main problem in the country, followed by corruption and inflation.

“Nonetheless, [the perception of] insecurity as a problem has fallen in intensity. In October, it was at 60.2%,” he added.

That all translates to bad news for Capriles, who, like all the oppos, has been capitalizing on the “capitalism good, Venezuelan crime rates bad” mantra that these unoriginal toadies keep repeating, on orders of their gurus in Washington and Miami. Not only is he WAY behind Chavecito in the polls, with no hope of ever catching him (unless Diebold hacks the Venezuelan voting machines), even his platform is out of date. And his weak “centre-left” pose amid a “unity table” comprised of old right-wingers, fascists and putschists, who are in fact far from united (much less behind HIM!), can’t stand up to the popularity of 21st Century Socialism, either.

And just to add insult to injury, there’s this:

In reports published by the USA State Department on Venezuela and published by Wikileaks, Capriles was linked to the assault on the Cuban Embassy in Caracas, and as a suspect in the assassination of the Venezuelan Prosecutor, Danilo Anderson.

The documents demonstrate the complacency of the USA Embassy in Caracas towards this leader of the Primero Justicia Party of fascist bent and whose role in the assault to the Cuban Embassy and other illicit activities has been censured in the text.

These documents show that the USA Embassy not only recognizes Capriles, who is now the governor of the state of Miranda, but also offers him cooperation and the many paragraphs that are blacked out by the censors in Washington reveal collaborations that is beyond what they are prepared to confess.

On April 12, 2002, during the most tense hours of the coup d’etat, the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba was assaulted by a group of extreme right demonstrators that were led by two individuals identified in Venezuela to terrorist acts against Cuba, they are Salvador Romani and Ricardo Koesling. These two were soon after joined by Capriles and the former commissar of the DISIP (former secret police), the assassin, Henry Lopez Sisco.

They cut the electricity and water supply to the diplomatic headquarters, they destroyed the vehicles of the diplomats and they surrounded the embassy so that no one could leave it. Capriles Radonsky was caught on film by the Venezuelan TV stations climbing a ladder and jumping over the embassy fence, then enter the embassy and threatening the Ambassador of Cuba in Venezuela, German Sanchez Otero, with more violence if he did not give up the Venezuelan officials whom they thought were hidden in the Embassy.

On that same day, April 12, Capriles — who was then mayor of the municipality of Baruta where the Cuban Embassy was located- not only refused to take measures to stop acts of violence, but witnessing on site the violence, insisted on “inspecting” the Embassy, something completely against international conventions, and then made provocative statements.

Capriles Radonski was also an accomplice in the arbitrary detention of Ramon Rodriguez Chacin, then Minister of Justice and the Interior and took part in the illegal sacking of his home.

And this is the innocent victim of an anti-semitic “pig” smear?

Well, here’s the funny part: I searched for that speech where Chavecito allegedly called this putschist a cochino, which is the actual Venezuelan term for pig, and came up with nada! The terrible insult in question is majunche, which doesn’t have anything to do with unkosher pork. It means “of inferior quality, shoddy, mediocre”. And anyone who hangs with fascists, is NOT Jewish by religion (Capriles, Polish-Jewish grandparents notwithstanding, is a practicing Catholic who makes a big show of wearing his rosaries in public), and uses the “I’m a victim of anti-semitism” card when it’s obvious that they are not a victim of anything but their own delusions of grandeur and persecution…is of inferior quality, shoddy, and mediocre, all right.

With the poll numbers to prove it.

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