Stupid (Anti-)Sex Tricks: The American Lie League, and other hilarious crapagandroids

Need a good laugh tonight? Here ya go:

Mmmmmm, penis cupcakes and vagina macaroons! Yummy!

Jezebel calls this “the most hilariously lewd thing you’ll ever see”, and they’re not far from the truth. This hysterical video inadvertently gives away the makers’ own creepy fetishes. Calling Planned Parenthood a pusher of sex-as-drugs-to-children, and then offering up graphic evidence of the “paraphernalia” while claiming that PPFA is sex-obsessed?

BTW, the “children” for whose consumption that stuff is are college-aged, meaning they’re legally adults, and therefore, old enough to consent, or at least make up their own minds about what they’re about to, um, CONSUME. Which means that the Junior Anti-Sex League of the United States of Amnesia really needs to un-bunch its collective panties a bit. I took a safer-sex workshop at university myself, but it did not lead to instant promiscuity, nor did it turn me into an insatiable sex addict. I did go home with a handful of condoms and some reassuring ideas on how to make sex fun, and they stood me in good stead during my first serious relationship…much later. I hear that’s not an uncommon thing for young adults partaking of sex-ed activities on university campuses.

But the Junior Anti-Sex League aren’t the only ones with wadded underwear giving them a perma-wedgie this week. The Concern-Trolling Women for Amnesia were also out in force, calling Planned Parenthood a mafia today:

It’s not a stretch to say that Planned Parenthood’s tactics to force the Susan G. Komen Foundation to restore their funding were no less than a Mafia-style shakedown of a charity whose only purpose is to help prevent and treat breast cancer.

So much bullshit in just one paragraph, and so little time. The Komen Foundation’s purpose goes way beyond prevention and treatment of breast cancer. In fact, I’d say that was not its purpose at all. Its real purpose, it seems, is to funnel vast amounts of well-meaning people’s money into profitable corporate coffers, and to pinkwash carcinogenic polluters. And, oh yeah, to shake lots of money from cancer survivors, their family and friends into Nancy Brinker’s, Karen Handel’s, and who knows who else’s very right-wing, not terribly pro-woman pockets. (Next thing you know, we’ll be hearing the old “abortion causes breast cancer” lie that’s been long debunked.)

BTW, that was good for a spot on my weekly wankapedia, too. Look for it Saturday night.

Would sure be funny if both these crapaganda groups got slapped with a libel lawsuit, eh?

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  1. Ben Gruagach says:

    The guy acting as narrator of that sex-obsessed video looks to me like a college student himself — one of the “kids” who according to him shouldn’t be exposed to this material in the first place.

    I bet he watched those video clips they used over and over and over again. Researching, of course.

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