A pole-dancer, you say? Blimey!

Most middle-aged Brits keep fit by doing pint curls in the local pub. But this one‘s found another, and arguably healthier, exercise…which, coincidentally, is also done in a lot of bars:

A father of two has found a clever way to watch pole dancers without getting into trouble – by becoming one.

Happily married Paul Bradley, 53, has made loads of new friends through his hobby – who all happen to be toned and blonde.

The IT worker, from West Wellow, Hants, spends hours in the dance studio working up a sweat with his super-fit classmates and says it’s probably the best work-out he’s ever had.


Paul has even installed an eight-foot pole in his garage where he and his friends can practice.
The former rugby player and competitive weightlifter says pole fitness routines have boosted his strength and stamina so much he can outstrip men half his age for fitness.

‘My 25-year-old son challenged me to a sit up contest recently. I did 50 sit ups with a 60kg kettlebell on my chest with ease – he didn’t stand a chance,’ he said.

Now Paul impresses family and friends by hanging upside by his legs and performing moves more commonly seen in strip clubs.

The fitness fanatic says his wife Kitty, 53, and sons Nick, 25, and Simon, 23, now brag about his pole skills to their friends.

He said: ‘My wife loves dropping into conversation that her husband is a pole dancer. A lot of women might be jealous of how much time I spend with beautiful women, but she’s fine with it – she thinks it’s hilarious watching me.

‘She has nothing to worry about, I’m now doing it because I love the sport of it. My sons tease me about it but they bring their friends over to watch me in the garage.’

Well, that’s all right, then. And my hat’s off to anyone who can do (and hold) one of those upside-down splits without falling on their head.

BTW, he’s not kidding about it being quite the workout. Pole-dancing is so physically challenging that it’s actually a martial art for men in India:

And in China, it’s not unusual to see acrobats who can do this:

And how about this fabulous flying Frenchman?

C’est très impressionant, oui?

I think we ought to have a lot more male pole dancers in the bars over here. I’d pay to see these guys anyday.

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