Happy Women’s Day. Have you found YOUR feminism today?

Don’t you love that ad? I sure do. It’s a timely reminder of just what we’re all up against. Here’s another:

ThinkProgress was being a little low-ball on the count there, because I spotted WAY more than just 70 sexist smears coming out of that juddering piehole. Didja notice that near the end, they didn’t even ding him for saying his ultimate sexist slur, FEMINAZI? That’s how inured we are to the climate of sexism that Rush Limbaugh has helped to create. We don’t even call him on his most constant sexist-fascist projection anymore.

But pay no attention to that big fat Pigman out in front of the curtain, says Kirsten Powers! The liberal “army of swine” were mean to us poor oppressed wingnuts, waaah! Pay attention to poor widdle me-me-me, whines Michelle Malkin. I got called a bar trollop!

Well, ladies, I would, except that your side has done nothing at all to support the sisterhood. And frankly, your sudden consciousness-raising all rings a little teensy bit hollow. One of you is a regular (and annoying) fixture on FUX Snooze, and the other is ghost-written to a large extent by her own husband. Both of you are window dressing, designed to make the far right look less sexist than it actually is. And you both seem to have been completely oblivious to feminism, if not downright dismissive of it for the most part. Until it suddenly suited your highly personal ends (and vendettas) to take up its mantle. You’ve been incredibly privileged to be operatives in a conservative media noise machine that has done everything it could to contribute to a climate in which women’s rights are being systematically rolled back across an entire fucking continent, fergawdsakes.

And now suddenly you’re out there whining about how much worse the liberals have treated little old YOU? And how it proves that our side is just as bad, if not worse, than YOURS?

Fuck off, the both of you.

I have zero sympathy for right-wing women, to be honest. They’re so happy to put their own heads through all kinds of nooses, and string up several more for the rest of us. They want to drag the world back to some illusory world of Father Knows Best. And when it comes to slut-shaming, they’re right up there with the worst of the men. They don’t care if no one but themselves can afford birth control. They’re very high and mighty about abortion, which must be nice since they’ve never had to have one. They have never said one word of boo to the Pigman and his blatant misogyny, which plays for three hours a day all across the Fruited Plain, poisoning the atmosphere as surely as fracking poisons the well water. But then let somebody from the other side call one of them a bimbo (even if, and especially if, she actually deserves to be called that), and oh, how the claws come out!

And the whining. Oh gawd, the WHINING.

But maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on the ‘winger fauxminists. After all, they’re standing up for SOME women, aren’t they?

Yeah. Their own. The few, the proud, the batshit crazy. The conservatards. The jock-sniffing pom-pom girls. The suck-ups of the Old Boys’ Club. The women who hate other women’s guts. The Serena Joys of the world.

Welcome to the sisterhood, girls. So glad you finally found your feminism. Now back out into the big cold world you go. And learn to grow a skin like we did, because some of us have been called much worse names than you. And while you’re at it, try taking on the men of your own side first; they are the root of all your problems, and the sooner that you realize it, the better.

Happy Women’s Day!

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    Great article, Bina!

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