Heroes for Today: Sandra Fluke, standing tall for women

Watch this video in its entirety and see if you can find anything about this bright young woman that would justify the Pigman, Rush Limbaugh, in calling her a slut simply for asking that her Catholic university provide birth control pills to female students who need them for medical reasons:

Notice, too, how the university president himself is backing her up on this one, despite any differences over school policy. Sweet, eh?

I do believe this won’t be the last we hear of Sandra Fluke. She has the makings of a real leader and advocate. In a few years’ time, she could be the next Sarah Weddington, especially if the war over birth control escalates. Given the stranglehold of the Reich-wingnuts on US politics, it probably will.

And yes, birth control pills are indeed good for many things besides contraception. I took them for 15 years to regulate my erratic, heavy and painful periods; others take them to clear up severe acne, relieve endometriosis, painful fibrocystic breast or uterine disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and a host of other hormonally-linked ailments. The Pill has even been recommended for Catholic nuns, to help prevent certain cancers that have been linked to nulliparity.

For the Pigman to call women (including NUNS!) sluts for trying to treat those conditions is beyond disgusting, and that’s why there’s a call to get his sorry ass off the air for good. I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard more than enough of his “feminazi” bluster and hypocritical bullshitting to last me a lifetime. Let’s stand with Sandra and get it done.

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